Best Online Military Friendly Colleges

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Updated: January 9, 2024, Reading time: 31 minutes

Choosing the right college is a pivotal decision for anyone, but when you’re in the military, it’s crucial to find a school that understands your unique needs. That’s why I’ve scoured the academic landscape to bring you the top 20 online military-friendly colleges. These institutions aren’t just about flexibility and support; they’re about providing quality education that fits into the dynamic lifestyle of service members and veterans.

As a seasoned education blogger, I know what it takes for an online college to truly stand out. The schools on my list excel in areas like military benefits, transfer of credits, and dedicated support services. Whether you’re active duty, a veteran, or a family member, you’ll find an online program here that’s tailored to help you succeed on your academic journey.

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About Our Ranking

After extensive research, I’ve identified the top 20 online military-friendly colleges that stand out in their commitment to serving those who’ve served our country. These institutions aren’t just offering flexibility; they are deeply ingrained with a culture of respect and support for military personnel. I’ll be highlighting what makes each of these schools exceptional, from their generous military benefits to the academic services tailored specifically to veterans and active-duty members.

Military benefits play a pivotal role in these colleges. They understand the financial burden higher education can place on service members. To ease this, many offer tuition assistance, scholarships, and fee waivers specifically designed for military students. But it’s not just about the money—these schools provide a comprehensive support system that caters to military lifestyles.

Credit transfer is another critical factor for military students, and the colleges on my list excel in this area. They recognize the value of military training, awarding academic credit for the skills and experiences gained through service. This approach not only honors the practical knowledge of service members but also fast-tracks their academic journey, saving both time and money.

Every college on the list has dedicated support services that understand the unique needs of military students. Academic advisors with military experience, counseling services, and career guidance are just a few examples of how these institutions ensure that their military students are not just enrolled but are fully supported throughout their academic endeavors.

Rather than treat military students as an afterthought, these colleges have created proven pathways for advancement that acknowledge and leverage the diverse skill sets and experiences that military personnel bring to the academic table. Whether pursuing undergraduate or graduate programs, students can rest assured that their military-friendly online college has tailored its resources to foster their success.

University of Maryland Global Campus

When looking for military-friendly colleges, the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) often comes to mind. Established specifically to serve the educational needs of the military and working adults, UMGC has a long-standing tradition of commitment to those who serve. It’s no surprise that they’ve carved out a reputation as one of the best online options for military personnel.

At UMGC, active-duty service members, veterans, and their families can expect a comprehensive set of benefits tailored to their unique circumstances. The university offers discounted tuition rates for military students and does not charge out-of-state rates, which results in affordable education opportunities for those stationed around the globe.

The school goes beyond financial support by offering an array of services that resonate with those in uniform. With a strong focus on flexibility, UMGC has established multiple session start dates throughout the year, allowing military students to begin their studies when it suits them best. Understanding the unpredictable nature of military life, UMGC ensures that academic programs are accessible wherever duty calls, with classes available entirely online.

Another standout feature of the University of Maryland Global Campus is its Veteran Success Program. This program provides a myriad of resources, such as personalized advising from staff who are veterans themselves. In addition, UMGC has an impressive record of converting military experience into academic credit, fast-tracking the educational journey of many service members.

UMGC also excels in career development services specifically designed for military students. They offer career planning and job search assistance, helping to bridge the gap between military service and civilian employment. This tailored approach reflects UMGC’s understanding of the valuable skills and leadership qualities that veterans bring to the workforce.

Benefit HighlightsUniversity of Maryland Global Campus
Tuition RatesDiscounted for military students
Session StartsMultiple throughout the year
AccessibilityGlobal online reach
Veteran SupportDedicated advising and resources

By providing quality education with a keen awareness of the military community’s needs, UMGC sets itself apart as a leader among online military-friendly colleges. With student success at its core, UMGC’s programs are designed to empower those who serve with degrees that make a real difference in their post-military careers.

Penn State World Campus

Ranked among the top military-friendly online colleges, Penn State World Campus serves as a prime choice for those in the service seeking higher education. With a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1998, it’s no wonder that the institution’s commitment to excellence remains strong today.

Penn State World Campus understands that the military lifestyle doesn’t always align with traditional college schedules. That’s why they offer flexible online programs that cater to the unique needs of service members. The responsive structure of course offerings provides me with the ability to balance military duties and academic responsibilities seamlessly.

The military support at Penn State World Campus is notable. They provide:

Furthermore, the university recognizes the significance of prior military training. By evaluating military experience for academic credit, they ensure that students like me can accelerate our educational journey.

Another distinguishing feature is their participation in the Military Credit Fast Track program, which allows for an efficient assessment of military training toward the completion of a degree. Ultimately, Penn State World Campus makes it feasible to shape academic ambitions around military obligations.

From an academic standpoint, Penn State World Campus offers an extensive range of undergraduate and graduate degrees. I’ve learned that these programs are not only rigorous but also relevant, equipping students with skills that are in demand in today’s job market.

Career services at Penn State World Campus are molded to aid in the transition to civilian employment. The resources provided include personalized career counseling, resume support, and access to various networking opportunities which align with both military and civilian career trajectories.

Penn State World Campus stands tall in its commitment to those who serve and have served, embracing a mission that truly respects and supports the pursuit of higher education within the military community.

Arizona State University Online

When I’m looking at top-tier education options for military members, Arizona State University Online stands out prominently. Known for its innovation, ASU Online extends its cutting-edge approach to the military community, ensuring access to an extensive array of degree programs from anywhere in the world. As a military-friendly institution, they offer a comprehensive suite of services specifically crafted to serve the unique needs of service members, veterans, and their families.

Affordability is a critical factor when choosing a college, and ASU Online addresses this by offering competitive tuition rates and accepting the GI Bill among other military education benefits. They’ve also made a strong commitment to reducing financial barriers for military students, which is a testament to their dedication to serving those who serve.

ASU Online provides more than just affordable education; it’s about quality and convenience as well. Here are some highlights:

Their Pat Tillman Veterans Center is a cornerstone of ASU Online’s military support, named in honor of the former NFL player and Army Ranger. The center offers:

Beyond the virtual campus, ASU Online extends its resources through various partnerships with defense organizations and community support programs aimed at furthering the education of our troops and veterans.

ASU Online exemplifies what it means to be military-friendly, not only in theory but through tangible actions that significantly benefit service members’ educational journeys. Their innovative programs and services effectively bridge the gap between military service and higher education, evidencing their commitment to the success and advancement of the military community.

Purdue University Global

Discovering Purdue University Global was a turning point in my exploration of military-friendly online colleges. Known for its prestigious parent institution, Purdue University, this innovative online branch extends its legacy by offering tailored support for military students. Their commitment to the military community is not just talk; they have an impressive array of programs designed to assist veterans, active-duty service members, and their families.

I found that the university’s Global Military Support system offers a comprehensive suite of benefits. These include significant tuition reductions for graduate and undergraduate programs and military tuition assistance that can be a game-changer for those serving or who have served. They also provide credits for military training and work experience, which can accelerate the path to graduation.

Here’s a quick glance at what Purdue University Global offers:

Their flexible online classes accommodate the unpredictable schedule of military life, and I was impressed to learn about their open college concept, which helps students earn credits through work experiences, and training, and even by leveraging previously acquired knowledge. They ensure that students never feel like they’re navigating their educational journey alone. The Purdue Global Military Center is a virtual hub packed with resources, including academic and career advising specifically for military and veteran students.

Beyond academics, Purdue University Global fosters a military-inclusive community. They don’t simply enroll military students; they integrate them into the student body, acknowledging the value of their experience and ensuring their voices are heard. From my perspective, this cultural sensitivity adds immense value to the educational experience, particularly for students who may have felt marginalized in less supportive environments.

The university’s efforts to keep education affordable and accessible are evident. Purdue University Global stands out as an establishment that not only understands but actively caters to the unique demands of a military lifestyle.

University of Florida Online

As I dig deeper into the best online military friendly colleges, University of Florida (UF) Online stands out as a premier choice. Known for its strong academic programs, UF Online provides military students with a flexible and supportive learning environment. Flexibility is the cornerstone of UF Online’s approach, allowing service members to balance their education with military duties seamlessly.

UF Online’s commitment to military students is evident through their comprehensive military support services. They offer resources such as:

What’s more, military students at UF Online can benefit from:

This translates to substantial savings and a smoother educational journey. Their program variety is impressive, spanning bachelor’s degrees to graduate programs in fields that align with many military roles.

Additionally, UF Online has developed initiatives to enhance career prospects post-military. They provide:

For veteran students looking for a college that acknowledges the importance of service and sacrifice, UF Online fits the bill. Their approach is not only about making education accessible but ensuring it’s relevant and transformative for military personnel. The respect for military service permeates the culture at UF Online, which prides itself on being a community where veterans and active-duty members can thrive.

With the added benefit of the Gator Nation network, which is one of the most influential alumni groups in the world, military students at UF Online gain access to a wealth of professional opportunities and connections. This aligns with my critical observation that the true value of a military-friendly college lies not just in how it starts a student’s education journey, but also in how it propels their career forward thereafter.

Grantham University

When military students ask me about dedicated online institutions that cater especially to their needs, Grantham University often comes to mind. Established in 1951, Grantham has a long-standing tradition of offering affordable, accessible education designed to accommodate the unique lifestyles of service members. Their military-friendly programs and staff are attuned to the rhythms of military life, which isn’t something every university can boast about.

One of the standout features of Grantham University is their lower-than-average tuition rates. For service members, veterans, and military spouses, this can mean a world of difference, enabling them to pursue their educational dreams without financial strain. Important to note is that Grantham participates in the GoArmyEd program, providing an even more streamlined pathway for Army personnel to enroll and manage their tuition assistance.

At Grantham, online doesn’t translate to alone. Students have access to a variety of support services including but not limited to:

The university takes pride in their diverse range of programs, over 60 in total, which include certificates, associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree options. Whether it’s engineering, business, nursing, or computer science, military students can find a program that aligns with their passions and career goals.

In my discussions with alumni and current attendees, the consensus is clear: Grantham’s flexible course schedules make juggling deployment, training, and family commitments far more manageable. Coursework is 100% online, and students can log in at times that work best for them, which is quintessential for anyone who’s constantly on the move.

What cinches the deal for many military students at Grantham is their generous transfer credit policy. Grantham honors the American Council on Education (ACE)’s recommendations to convert military training into college credits. That means less time spent in the classroom and more time advancing in one’s post-military career.

Grantham University stands as a testament to what higher education can look like when it’s built with the military member in mind. They embody a spirit of service and an understanding of the military community that resonates with those who’ve donned a uniform.

Trident University International

While exploring the realm of military-friendly online colleges, I’ve discovered that Trident University International stands out for its tailored approach to military education. Trident, known for its strong emphasis on serving military personnel and veterans, has implanted itself as a stalwart institution in the military education community.

Trident’s program selection is exceptionally varied, providing more than 70 online degree programs and certificates across various disciplines. This extensive catalog includes Business Administration, Health Sciences, Information Technology, and Education, among others, ensuring there’s a program that aligns with nearly any career aspiration.

Tailored Support for Military Students

One of the key reasons I find Trident to be an excellent choice for military students is its valuable resources and support services. The university’s experts are attuned to the challenges faced by military students, offering personalized support that ranges from financial aid assistance to career services. They even extend their resources to cover family members of service personnel, acknowledging the interconnected support system essential for a military student’s success.

As for educational benefits, Trident offers a Military Discount Program, providing reduced tuition rates and fees for active-duty service members, veterans, and their family members. This initiative highlights Trident’s commitment to affordable education for the military community.

Seamless Credit Transfers and Flexible Scheduling

Recognizing the transient nature of military life, Trident facilitates a seamless transition for students with prior college or military experience. The university proudly boasts its generous transfer credit policy, which is designed to maximize the use of transferable credits, thereby shortening the time it takes to earn a degree.

Scheduling flexibility is also paramount at Trident. Courses are 100% online with multiple start dates throughout the year, which I find to be an incredible boon for active-duty personnel with unpredictable schedules. Their 8-week classes are structured to provide ample flexibility while maintaining a rigorous academic environment.

The alignment between Trident University International’s offerings and the needs of military students can’t be overstated. From its military-tailored support to its expansive degree and certificate programs, Trident is truly geared towards empowering the men and women who serve.

American Public University System

When exploring military-friendly online colleges, the American Public University System (APUS) should be on your radar. Recognized for its commitment to serving military and veteran communities, APUS offers a variety of online degree and certificate programs designed to align with the unique needs of military personnel.

APUS encompasses two online institutions: American Military University (AMU) and American Public University (APU), both of which cater to a broad demographic including military service members, veterans, and civilian students alike. Here’s why APUS might be the right choice for your educational journey:

The flexibility offered by APUS is unmatched, with monthly program starts and asynchronous classes, letting you fit education into your busy schedule. Additionally, APUS staff understands the intricacies of military benefits and can assist in maximizing your tuition assistance and GI Bill benefits.

Further bolstering their support for the military community, APUS has a multitude of resources for academic, career, and personal support. These include a career services team versed in the translation of military experience to the civilian job market and various networking opportunities within the student body, which is rich with peers who understand military life.

The American Public University System presents a compelling option for those who serve or have served, offering relevant, accessible, and affordable education tailored to the demands of military life. With its robust support systems and military-centric benefits, APUS stands as a testament to the power of education in empowering service members and veterans in their pursuits beyond the military.

Columbia College

Exploring yet another top contender, I’ve found that Columbia College stands out as a military-friendly institution committed to assisting veterans and active-duty service members in reaching their academic goals. This college offers online and in-seat courses, providing flexible options that cater to the varied schedules of military students.

Recognized for their inclusive policies and supportive services, Columbia College offers:

The college understands the significance of on-demand accessibility and thus provides 24/7 learning resources and counseling services. With these facilities, students can effectively manage their studies alongside their military commitments.

What’s impressive is Columbia College’s participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program, which provides additional financial assistance for veterans who’ve served after 9/11. This adds yet another layer of affordability to the already competitive tuition fees. The programs available are diverse, covering degrees in business, science, and the arts—each incorporating real-world applications and critical thinking skills that are valuable both within and beyond military roles.

Moreover, their commitment to nurturing a sense of community among service members through online forums and veterans’ groups fosters a robust network that’s beneficial both professionally and personally. This collegiate camaraderie is a unique facet that enhances the overall educational experience.

For those concerned with academic quality, Columbia College is regionally accredited and has been recognized by multiple educational bodies for excellence. Their broad array of academic programs, ranging from associate to master’s degrees, ensures that military students can find a path tailored to their interests and career ambitions.

Liberty University Online

Liberty University stands out as a top contender when talking about military-friendly online colleges. With its comprehensive online platform, Liberty University Online offers a variety of degree programs that cater specifically to the needs of active service members, veterans, and military spouses.

Established as a pioneer in distance education, Liberty University has fine-tuned its online offerings to create a supportive environment for military students. Online courses here are designed with flexibility in mind, which means you can start and complete your studies at a pace that suits your service commitments. Furthermore, the university has a dedicated Office of Military Affairs, a resource that provides personalized support to ensure your academic success while honoring your service.

With respect to affordability, Liberty University makes education accessible through its military tuition discount. For undergraduate courses, the tuition rate for military students is significantly reduced, making higher education a financially viable option. Additionally, they offer a book voucher and service members can use their military tuition assistance and GI Bill® benefits effectively.

The university also offers:

Those seeking an online education at Liberty University have a wide array of programs to choose from. Whether it’s business, education, information technology, or aeronautics, the university boasts a diverse selection of degree programs. Liberty University’s commitment to integrating faith-based learning also provides a unique angle for students interested in incorporating their religious values into their educational journey.

By continually evolving its online courses and support services, Liberty University remains at the forefront of military-friendly education. More than just accommodating the logistical needs of military students, they strive to create a sense of camaraderie and community among their online learners. Virtual events, student groups, and discussion boards are some of the ways they bring students together, reinforcing the sense of unity and shared purpose among their military student population.

Southern New Hampshire University

When reviewing the top online military-friendly colleges, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) stands out for its commitment to the military community. Renowned for offering one of the broadest selections of online programs, SNHU offers over 200 accredited undergraduate and graduate degree programs to service members across the globe.

Military Tuition Rates & Discounts

At SNHU, affordability is a key focus. That’s why they offer some of the most competitive tuition rates for military personnel and their spouses. It’s essential to maximize educational benefits, and here, they understand that mantra. I’ve found that SNHU provides:

Credit for Military Training

Another advantage of choosing SNHU is their ability to convert your military training into academic credits. This not only saves you time but also ensures you get the recognition you deserve for your service experience. The university aligns its academic credentials with military occupational specialties, which streamlines the transition into your chosen study field.

Extensive Support Services

What’s impressive is their dedicated team offering support services tailored specifically for military students. They provide:

The SNHU online environment also includes robust online resources aimed at fostering a strong sense of connection and support among military students, much like the camaraderie experienced in the service.

Flexible Learning for Active Duty Members

Flexible learning options are paramount for active duty service members. That’s why SNHU’s online platform is designed for maximum flexibility to accommodate varying schedules and deployments. With 24/7 access to course materials and classes that start every eight weeks, service members can pursue education without compromising their duties.

The focus at Southern New Hampshire University is clear: they aim to empower the military community by providing an education that’s aligned with service members’ unique needs and goals. With their broad program selection, deep discounts, credit for service experience, and robust support system, SNHU continues to be a top choice for military-affiliated students.

University of Arizona Online

When exploring some of the best online military-friendly colleges, it’s hard not to take notice of the University of Arizona Online (UA Online). UA Online stands out for its dedication to providing flexible and high-quality education to active-duty service members, veterans, and their families. With a wide array of programs, UA Online ensures that education is accessible no matter where you are stationed.

At UA Online, I’ve discovered that students can choose from over 100 bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs. These programs cover a variety of fields, fitting the diverse interests and career goals of the military community. I’m particularly impressed with the university’s commitment to helping military students make the most out of their Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits, which can cover a significant portion of their educational expenses.

Additionally, they recognize the importance of previous service experience, offering credits for military training. This not only shows respect for the skills and knowledge gained through service but also accelerates the journey towards earning a degree. For financial ease, UA Online provides military tuition rates that reduce the cost burden for service members and their spouses.

Support services are a cornerstone of the UA Online experience. They’ve implemented a robust framework that includes:

What’s more, the Veterans Education and Transition Services (VETS) at UA Online offers an extra layer of support, helping with the transition from military life to student life, which can often be overwhelming. The university’s commitment to flexibility extends to its online platform, which integrates seamlessly into your life, allowing coursework to be completed amid varying schedules or even during deployment.

Finally, fostering a sense of community is vital, and at UA Online, the military and veteran student organizations create networks that help students to connect, share experiences, and offer mutual support. This is just the beginning of how UA Online has tailored its educational services for those who serve.

Central Michigan University Global Campus

When it comes to flexibility and commitment to military service members, Central Michigan University Global Campus stands out. They’ve created an academic environment that caters specifically to the unique needs of the military community. I’ve found that this dedication is evident in their variety of online degrees and the exclusive military tuition rates they offer.

Their Global Campus provides over 30 accredited online programs, including undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees, making it a top choice for those who prioritize a wide selection of study options. Additionally, their online platform encourages engagement and interaction among peers and professors, fostering a collaborative educational experience.

One significant aspect of Central Michigan University Global Campus is the recognition they give for military experience. Service members can earn academic credit for their training and skills developed during their service, which is an invaluable benefit. It’s not only a testament to the university’s respect for military service but also a practical way to accelerate degree completion.

Moreover, CMU Global Campus extends its resources to ensure military students have comprehensive support. These resources include:

Participation in CMU’s Global Campus programs also invites military students to join the CMU Veterans’ Resource Center, a supportive community that provides resources and a network for students with similar backgrounds. The community gives a place where camaraderie can thrive, emulating the tight-knit environment many service members appreciate.

Not to mention, CMU is recognized by numerous military publications and organizations for its commitment to educating service members. This recognition reflects their enduring efforts to create a military-friendly education space and a supportive atmosphere conducive to academic success for those who’ve served.

Western Governors University

As I explore the realm of military-friendly online education, Western Governors University (WGU) stands out with its unique model. Unlike traditional schools, WGU offers competency-based education which allows students to advance once they’ve proven mastery over a subject, regardless of how long it takes. This approach is particularly beneficial for military members who may need flexibility due to varying schedules.

WGU’s commitment to military students is evident through their participation in the GI Bill® and Yellow Ribbon Program. These programs significantly reduce the financial burden of education, making WGU an affordable option. The university provides dedicated military support staff who understand the unique challenges faced by service members transitioning to academic life.

Online Programs and Military Support

The online programs at WGU are extensive and diverse, ranging from business and information technology to health professions and teaching. Each program is designed to be accessible and relevant to the current job market, ensuring that military students are well-prepared for civilian careers.

In addition to academic programs, WGU furnishes an array of support services for military students:

Scholarships and Recognition of Military Training

Understanding the value of military training, WGU goes a step further by offering possibilities for service members to gain credit for their military experience. The transfer process is streamlined, recognizing the skills and knowledge already acquired through service.

WGU also extends various scholarships specifically aimed at military students and their spouses, lessening the financial strain and making further education more accessible. It’s no wonder that Western Governors University has earned accolades for its service to military students, such as being named a Military Friendly® School.

By catering to the unique needs of service members and veterans, Western Governors University has solidified its position as one of the top online military-friendly colleges. Their comprehensive approach to education and support provides a robust path for service members to launch their post-military careers.

Webster University

As I delve into the offerings of universities tailored for military personnel, Webster University emerges as a standout institution. Based in Missouri, Webster has a strong global presence with satellite campuses offering online programs that are ideal for military members across the globe. Having honed a reputation for embracing military students, Webster celebrates a history enriched with military tradition dating back to its founding in 1915.

Webster University’s commitment is clear – they understand the unique challenges faced by military students. The university maintains a participation in the GI Bill® and the Yellow Ribbon Program, promoting an affordable educational journey for those who have served. Scholar out-of-pocket expenses can be significantly reduced, which is a substantial benefit for students balancing educational aspirations with financial responsibilities.

Beyond financial aid, Webster’s military-friendly approach extends to academic flexibility and support. Here’s how they stand out:

Webster’s online programs are richly diverse, covering fields from business and management to education and international relations. These programs are designed to be completed remotely, giving military students the flexibility they need to accommodate their often unpredictable schedules.

What’s more, Webster University has been acknowledged for its military-friendly practices with numerous awards and has been consistently recognized by various veterans’ associations. Active duty military members, veterans, and their families find a supportive network within Webster’s community. This underlying support system, coupled with their adaptive learning models, makes Webster University a compelling choice for those seeking a steadfast academic partner.

Fayetteville State University

Fayetteville State University (FSU) ranks among the top military-friendly online colleges due to affordable tuition rates and a strong commitment to meeting the educational needs of military personnel, veterans, and their families. As an institution that values service, FSU understands the unique challenges faced by those in the military community and offers flexible scheduling and online courses designed to accommodate their dynamic lifestyles.

At FSU, military students benefit from a comprehensive suite of online degree programs that range from undergraduate to graduate levels. The university prides itself on quality education that aligns with today’s job market, ensuring that military students are well-prepared for the workforce upon graduation. Whether it’s a degree in business, criminal justice, or nursing, FSU’s programs are crafted with the understanding that military students may be balancing service commitments with their studies.

Highlighted Military Benefits at FSU:

In addition to academic support, FSU also provides military students with personalized advising and career services. This includes helping students navigate the Post-9/11 GI Bill® and assisting with resume writing and interview preparation to land competitive roles post-graduation. For those active in service, FSU’s military-friendly approach extends to providing support for students who may face deployment, ensuring they can return to their studies without academic penalty.

FSU has a dedicated office, the Veterans Business Outreach Center, which focuses exclusively on aiding military students in their educational journey and beyond. With a mission to honor the contributions of military service members, FSU stands as an exemplary school for military-affiliated students seeking a quality online education without the geographical constraints of a traditional campus setting.

Brandman University

Brandman University stands out as a distinguished academic institution catering specifically to the needs of military members, veterans, and their families. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by those in service, Brandman offers a flexible learning environment tailored to accommodate their demanding schedules. With a robust selection of online courses, students from any location can further their education without compromising their military duties.

At Brandman, affordability is a top priority. The university provides various financial aid options designed to lighten the load of educational expenses. Military students can benefit from reduced tuition rates, and in some cases, they may even qualify for programs that cover the full cost of their tuition.

Ensuring that students can seamlessly integrate their military experience into their academic pursuits, Brandman University aligns its curriculum with real-world applications. Degree Programs at Brandman include areas of study such as Business, Education, Nursing, and Information Technology, all of which are in high demand within the military community.

With its knowledgeable faculty members, many of whom are veterans themselves, Brandman ensures a comprehensive understanding of the military ethos and how it interplays with academic success. Resources like the Veteran Resource Center underscore the institution’s commitment to providing a supportive environment tailored to the unique needs of those who’ve served.

Brandman’s commitment to the military community resonates through its active involvement in initiatives aimed at empowering military students. By fostering a community that is both understanding and accommodating of military life, Brandman helps bridge the gap between military service and civilian careers.


Choosing the right college is a critical decision for military members, veterans, and their families. Brandman University stands out with its flexible and supportive environment designed to mesh with military life. It’s clear that their commitment to providing quality education and comprehensive support is unwavering. As you weigh your options, consider the tailored programs, financial aid opportunities, and real-world curriculum that align with your unique needs. Remember, the right education can propel you towards success during and after your military service.

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