Best Online Bachelor’s Degrees

Written by BlogNation Team

Updated: January 9, 2024, Reading time: 1 minute

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In response to the surging interest in online education for bachelor’s degrees and beyond, BlogNation is introducing a groundbreaking initiative: the inaugural “Best Online Colleges by Salary Score” ranking.

This innovative evaluation method, known as Salary Score, meticulously assesses schools based on the median earnings of their alumni. The primary goal is to identify institutions that consistently produce graduates with the most promising salary outcomes across a diverse range of majors. These rankings aim to spotlight online colleges and universities whose alumni command top starting salaries relative to their specific fields of study. A Salary Score above 50 signifies that graduates typically earn salaries surpassing the industry average for their respective majors. Conversely, a score below 50 suggests that graduates tend to receive comparatively lower remuneration for their chosen field of study.

To qualify for consideration in this evaluation, schools had to demonstrate that over half of their total enrollment actively participated in online programs. This criterion ensures a focus on institutions where significant online engagement is a key component of the student experience.

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