Labor Day weekend saved!

It looked like it might have been a little dicey this weekend in Toledo, but as luck would have it, most picnics and outings were spared from thunderstorms. There was a little bit of rain...

Rock Lobster

What is the best sea creature sound? I vote for the sea robin: la la la la la la la la.

Anderson, South Carolina

Northwestern, or Upstate South Carolina is a pretty well populated segment of the country. Some experts predict that one day it will be a part of a megalopolis corridor from Atlanta to Ra...

Hot and dry for Labor Day weekend

Things worked out as planned in Farmington, with temperatures climbing into the 90s and the skies staying sunny through the beginning of the Holiday weekend. I can confirm that today, the...

Towards plumarellide

Gerald Pattenden and co-workers from the University of Nottingham in the UK have reported in Tetrahedron on a [4+2] approach to plumarellide. Tetrahedron paper

Oxepanes via Ferrier

Srinivasan Chandrasekaran and co-workers at the Indian Institute of Science have reported in Tetrahedron on a Ferrier rearrangement to form oxepanes.   Tetrahedron paper

Organocatalytic epoxidation

Philip Bulman Page and co-workers at the University of East Anglia have reported in Tetrahedron on an iminium catalyzed epoxidation. Tetrahedron paper

Boston, Massachusetts

We are off to the Bay State, but Boston is not the City by the Bay, so that’s sort of odd, right? At 551PM, ET, Boston was reporting overcast skies with a temperature of 82. Westerl...