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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Makes Great Business Accessory

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 4 has a lot of features that should suit small business owners but it won’t be a replacement for your laptop. For small business owners on the go more oft...

Unusual Entertainment Break

The trailers for:"The Zero Theorem""Delicatessen""Smile""Brazil""Amacord"

10 Ways to Convert More Customers Using Psychology

The more you know about your customers, the better. If you know what makes people tick, the better off your business will be. Having at least a basic understanding of consumer psychology ...

How is Instagram evolving under Facebook’s umbrella?

As Instagram slowly starts to mix in some advertising, the major question for the photo-sharing app is how it will become a source of monetization for Facebook. While Facebook CEO Mark Zu...

Syntonic is creating a free-data zone on AT&T’s mobile network

Syntonic is launching an app store in which no content consumed counts against your data plan. The store is the latest example of new business models coming out of AT&T's controversia...

Tracking Sun Valley’s Most Wanted Guest: Marissa Mayer

As Yahoo assembles a media empire through acquisitions under Ms. Mayer's leadership, the gathering of media moguls would seem to be a natural hunting ground.

Wait for it: Why World Cup live streams were often far behind live TV signals

How live is live? That's a question that soccer fans have been asking themselves when confronted with significantly-delayed World Cup streams.

Despite Exposure of Madoff Fraud, New Ponzi Schemes Emerge

Financial regulators say a new Ponzi scheme operator is found nearly every week, and legal actions are brought against about 100 such questionable investment operations every year.

How to Own Your Market: Tips From FUBU's Daymond John

The clothing line's founder talks to Inc.'s Scott Gerber about finding customers in unlikely places.

Rethinking the enterprise data archive for big data analytics and regulatory compliance

If businesses are to extract value from years of history and corporate memory, they must store data in a fully accessible database or data store with access methods that are standards-bas...

Write-Offs: 07.10.14

$$$ Alibaba Could Kick Off IPO Process by Month’s End [WSJ] $$$ A group of investors could be ready to save Crumbs Bake Shop, the New York-based cupcake chain that abruptly shut its...

$2.00 off on C&H Sugar & 2 SURE•JELL Pectins

Hurry and print the $2.00 off on C&H Sugar & 2 SURE•JELL Pectins while it’s available. $2.00 off on C&H Sugar & 2 SURE•JELL Pectins Active Date: June 3, 2014 Expiration Da...

What Smart Companies Are Doing With Heaps of Data (Infographic)

Companies create 2.16 exabytes of new data every day. (That's a lot.) Here's what happens to it.

The Talk of Sun Valley (It’s Not Just About Deals)

Education, national service and creativity were among the topics of discussion at the annual Allen & Company conference.

Feds Slam AmEx for Anti-competitive Practices in Court (And That May Be Good for You)

American Express has its day in court as the DOJ claims anti-competitive practices.

Greg Smith-Lite Wants To Lend You Some Money

Steven Mandis knows what we’re talking about. Steven Mandis was working on a book about whether Goldman Sachs Group Inc. put profit above principles when he hit upon a new way to ma...

Three Ways to Help New Sales Hires Ramp Faster

Ramping new sales hires quickly is one of the most important things a sales manager can do. It's also frequently overlooked as managers get pulled into activities more directly related to...

Prior to NYC Launch, Lyft Tries Negotiating With Regulators

Ceast and desist? Not this ride-sharing startup. Despite regulatory warnings, Lyft says it plans to launch with 500 drivers in New York City will proceed.

Nominations for the 4th Annual Small Business Influencer Awards are Open!

It’s time, once again folks, to start thinking about those leaders and experts in the small business community who have guided you to success with your own company. Yes, it’s ...

Samsung’s new Exynos processor includes an LTE radio for the first time

Samsung's newest processor includes an LTE radio, a first for the Korean giant.