Fresh shells fall near U.N. school

A number of shells fell Thursday next to a U.N. school housing displaced residents -- a day after another school-turned-shelter was hit by artillery, killing more than a dozen people.

Can Kerry 'friend' Modi?

If India and the U.S. were Facebook friends, the relationship between them would undoubtedly be "complicated." Can the U.S. Secretary of State's visit change that?

House approves Obama lawsuit

The Republican-led House approved a resolution on Wednesday authorizing Speaker John Boehner to sue President Barack Obama over claims he abused his executive authority at the expense of ...

Crash site a 'monument to cruelty'

CNN's Nick Paton Walsh visits the eerie MH17 crash site amid the sunflowers of a Ukrainian field, where investigators are yet to visit.

Prejudice and Pit Bulls

Dogs have a great capacity to forgive and forget. It’s a characteristic on display in so many cases where dogs have been dealt a terrible blow or bad hand from callous people. Despite the...

Why Turkish women post these

Turkish social media has exploded with Tweets and Instagrams of Turkish women laughing. Why? Hala Gorani explains.

Newborn whale swims with mom

Australian residents watched a humpback whale give birth and then swim with her baby. CNN affiliate Seven News has more.

Ebola: Volunteers evacuated

The two American aid workers who were infected with the deadly Ebola virus "have shown a slight improvement in the past 24 hours," according to Samaritan's Purse, an international evangel...

Nadal injured ahead of U.S. Open

Rafael Nadal's hopes of successfully defending his U.S. Open title have been dealt a serious blow after the Spaniard revealed he has sustained a wrist injury during a practice session.

China charges Uyghur scholar

Chinese authorities on Wednesday formally charged a prominent Uyghur scholar with "separatism" months after his detention, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

North Korea fires projectiles

North Korea fired four projectiles on Wednesday morning toward the Sea of Japan, an official with the South Korean Defense Ministry told CNN.

On board world's newest passenger jet

Takeoff on one of Airbus' new A350WXB test planes is a strangely quiet experience.

And the world's best city is ...

Travel + Leisure names world's best cities. Kyoto knocks Bangkok off its top perch in the 2014 installment of the magazine's annual ranking.

Soccer star's father kidnapped, freed

Argentine football star Carlos Tevez has thanked his fans for their support following his father's kidnap ordeal in Buenos Aires.

Future 'Mad Max' architecture

Designer Justin Plunkett layers photos and computer-generated illustration to create apocalyptic images.

Guess what's in these McNuggets

If you're wary of chicken and beef products after a major meat supply scandal in Asia, the McDonald's in Japan could have an alternative for you -- tofu and fish nuggets.

Threat of Argentina default

Argentina risks defaulting on its debt in hours unless it can cut a deal with creditors.

Hackers reveal lost NASA photos

"Techno archaeologists" use DIY engineering to revamp NASA's early moon pics.

Will Russia sanctions work?

The U.S. and EU are imposing new sanctions on Moscow -- but will they have any effect?

WikiLeaks breaks gag order

They were warned not to share it, but share it they did.

Gaza: Fresh violence shatters brief truce

Militants continued to fire rockets from Gaza into Israel during a brief "humanitarian window" and Israel responded with airstrikes. Another U.N. shelter is hit.

Ukraine claims rebels planted mines near MH17 site

Investigators' attempts to examine the MH17 crash wreckage hit another roadblock as Ukrainian officials warn of possible land mines near the site.

Truce closes with a boom

CNN's John Vause was on the air as a 'knock on the roof' blast announced an early end to a humanitarian truce in Gaza.

'Die Hard' actor Shigeta dies at 81

James Shigeta, a prolific and pioneering Asian-American actor whose 50-year career includes the movies "Die Hard" and "Flower Drum Song," died in his sleep in Los Angeles on Monday, his a...