What the Elephants Know: The Burden of Sentience

I've heard many of these stories of elephant insight, and personally witnessed others. They touch and inspire me. Every so often, though, they floor me completely.

U.S. man shoots, kills pregnant intruder

Tom Greer says he fought back when he was attacked by intruders at his home. When he got his gun and fired at them, they ran.

Hopes for 1-week cease-fire

The United States and Egypt are moving closer to an agreement with Israel and the Palestinians on a one-week humanitarian cease-fire, starting Sunday, diplomatic sources told CNN on Friday.

Opinion: Vladimir Putin, evil enough?

Putin's support for terrorists means any form of assistance to his war machine is the moral equivalent of supplying barbed wire and bullets to Auschwitz, writes Alexander Motyl.

How Lilica The Dog Supports Her "Family"

Lilica was abandoned at a junk yard in San Carlos, Brazil when she was unceremoniously dumped out of a truck when she was just a puppy. Neile Vania Antonio, the junk yard caretaker, befri...

Keep Purr-fectly Warm This Winter With Soft Kitty

"Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur." It is the song that Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory makes Penny sing to him when he needs a little TLC. You can be a warm kitty this...

Russian woman joins rebels

Marina lost her spleen and has a punctured lung. She was attached to a rebel group as a combat medic, and was hurt during the fighting, she told CNN from her hospital bed.

U.S. journalists 'detained' in Tehran

Concern is growing for the wellbeing of four journalists apparently detained in Iran this week, three of them American citizens, according to the Washington Post.

What's Cuter Than A Baby Elephant? Nothing. The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

I think we can all agree that a baby elephant is one of the cutest things on the planet.  But a charging, ferocious baby elephant elevates the cuteness factor exponentially.

Russia's strong links with U.S., Europe

European leaders are under pressure from the U.S. to step up the EU sanctions against Russia, following the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

How Russia sanctions will hurt Europe

Europe must be prepared to suffer if it is to punish Russia.

Protest, persuasion: Shaping HK future

Tam Chi Tat has driven his bright red taxi for 20 years. Born and raised in Hong Kong, he calls himself not Chinese but a "Hong Konger." The distinction is very important to him.

Disaster foretells a dangerous world

Patrick Cronin and Kelley Sayler say the world is seeing nonstate groups such as Ukraine's rebels wielding more power to do harm than ever before

What we know about flight

Joe Johns looks at the facts emerging in the disappearance of an Air Algerie flight over Mali.

Will victims' families ever get justice?

Justice for MH17 victims hangs in limbo as a perpetrator is yet to be identified. CNN's Deborah Feyerick reports.

MH17's quiet, abandoned crash site

At the MH17 crash site there's very little action, even though there's much more work to be done. Phil Black reports.

U.N. head on Gaza conflict: 'This is wrong'

Ban Ki-moon condemns a strike on a U.N. shelter that leaves 16 dead, and more than 200 injured -- most of them women and children.

'Disintegrated' Air Algerie jet found

The crashed Air Algerie jet was found in a "disintegrated state" in northern Mali, but a Burkina Faso official says no survivors have been found so far.

How do we get a cease-fire in Gaza?

"Lift the siege." "Stop the rockets." The dialogue of the deaf continues after hundreds of deaths. How can each side get enough to wave in front of their people as victory?

Despite plane crashes, it's safe to fly

Pilot Robert Mark says it's been tough for the airline industry after the plane crashes in Ukraine and Taiwan.

16 incredible rooftop bars

One good thing about humanity's obsession with building enormous numbers of buildings?

Dutch PM: We'll step up recovery

The Netherlands is stepping up efforts to try to ensure that the remains of all the victims of the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 return home from Ukraine, the Dutch prime m...

One dead after Penn. shooting

A shooting at a suburban Philadelphia hospital Thursday afternoon left a psychiatric caseworker dead and two wounded, including a doctor, local authorities said.