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Parenthood from a Dads View; A Blog for Dads; Dads helping Dads, Learning from ours, Sharing with others.

Mini truck accessories


Mini truck parts and accessories can sometimes be difficult to find depending mainly on what your specific needs are. Most local parts shops don’t stock, nor can easily order parts for a Japanese Mini truck.

Jonathan McCallum


Jesus, everywhere, everyday, a story or more...



Digitalika is a technology blog for the Latin and Spanish speaking community that specializes in product reviews, gaming, mobile products, tutorials and more or less everything technology related. Our goal is to help our readers understand and enjoy technology in a simple and un-complicated way. Give us a visit and re-discover technology in www.digitalika.com

Lady Marielle


A Lifestyle blog about the things I love. Mommy-hood, cooking, food, crafts, diys, social networking, working on becoming debt free and scented wax. Love doing reviews and sharing with my readers the things I love.

The Candid Review


The Candid Review focuses on today's appellate cases and criminal defense across the country.

Search Earned Marketing


A blog about earned media and a common sense to marketing. We will show how and why people who do not know anything about search rank and earn traffic



I feature handmade cards, altered items and crafting techniques on my blog

Daihatsu hijet parts


Daihatsu Hijet, a mini truck has two CV axles and a rear drive shaft that is fitted to the rear of transmission. We stock all Daihatsu Hijet parts such as axles, shafts, belts, hoses etc.

Dr. Julie Connor


LIGHT YOUR PASSION - TRANSFORM YOUR DREAM INTO ACTION If your life were a book and you were its author, what do you want people to remember about your story? Living an inspired life requires imagination to dream, courage to boldly leap into the unknown, commitment to a vision, and faith that trusts in the abundant potential within where all things are possible. As a professional speaker, goals and planning consultant, teacher, and writer, I will show you how to: * Discover your dream. * Define your purpose. * Align your vision with your core values. * Maximize your talents. * Create tangible goals. I am the author of DREAMS TO ACTION TRAILBLAZER'S GUIDE, http://www.amazon.com/Dreams-Action-Trailblazers-Guide-Connor/dp/0991487206. I will empower you with the knowledge and skills to dream big and create a powerful plan of action with goals you can successfully incorporate into your daily life.

The Newest Vazquez's


I'm a newlywed reformed farm girl, who moved to NYC for a boy. I write about learning how to be married, various travels, cooking mishaps and successes, and the culture shock of living in NYC. Lately I have been 'venturing' into more personal issues, such as fertility, doctor appointments and weight loss. Come on over, and watch me figure out this thing called marriage, and living in NYC.

Beautylicous Reviews Blog


A cool blog on eye catching beauty finds,product reviews ,recipes,personal life and more.



It's about books, it's a blog, It's Book n Blog!

Mini truck accessories


Are you one of those people who are already tired of looking for essential 4x4 mini truck parts from retail store to another? If yes, then worry no more because there are plentiful of stores online that are capable of providing you with the mini truck parts that you need.



Reviews lots of genres including thriller, suspense, urban fantasy, contemporary fiction, sic-fi, YA

Jeff Branch Woodworking


I write about the projects I make and include SketchUp tips as well as my own woodworking plans. I build both furniture projects as well as cabinetry and trim carpentry styl projects for my home.

Teaching House Nomads


Teaching House Nomads is a TEFL Lifestyle Blog showcasing stories by certified ESL teachers traveling the world, teaching English and living their dreams. These teachers offer funny stories from the classroom, tips for finding the best TEFL jobs, great lesson ideas and budget travel tips. Read, laugh and be inspired to go out and start living your dreams today.

Japan Mini Truck Parts


Mini truck parts and accessories can sometimes be difficult to find depending mainly on what your specific needs are. Most local parts shops don’t stock, nor can easily order parts for a Japanese Mini truck.

Be Good or Be Good At It!


A humorous and satirical look at life and some of the less important but no less interesting happenings throughout an idiot's life. Come for Cake! The Cake is Lie!

May Sams


Through this blog I am sharing my story and steps I take to find daily healing.