LeBauer Physical Therapy


-Move Easier -Feel Less Pain -Have More Energy! Do you have aches and pains associated with low back pain, arthritis, shoulder pain, hip pain, sciatica, knee pain, foot pain, neck pain, migraines or headaches? Are you tired of spending another moment living in discomfort as your pain and symptoms worsen? Look no further, because everything you have been looking for to relieve your pain and symptoms is here at LeBauer Physical Therapy in Greensboro, NC. We can help you live pain free, move easier and return the the activities that you enjoy. We are passionate about patient care and rely on our 11 years of experience to help you heal.

A Physical Therapist’s Journey Back To Running -Part 2
by Aaron LeBauer about 4 years ago
A Physical Therapist’s Journey Back To Running -Part 1
by Aaron LeBauer about 4 years ago

Chauvel News


Check back here often to hear the latest news about our firm. We’ll also update you on changes in the law, how the changes could affect you, and how we can help.

U.S. Court of Appeals Reaches Decision in Truck Company's Meal and Rest Breaks Dispute
over 3 years ago
What is a Special Needs Trust?
over 3 years ago

Midlife at the Oasis


Surrounded by elephants in Africa instead of little kids in the school drop-off lane, I'm celebrating midlife by rediscovering my husband, comfortable shoes, the joy of female friends and, most of all, myself. Join me at the Oasis, where living an amazing life never gets old!

Bubbablue and me


Trial, tribulations and tips from my time with a child, when I'm not really a baby person. Combination of everyday observations and life, days out, reviews, and life.

Places to visit in Bristol with children
by Emma Tustian over 3 years ago
Point and Shoot – tourist trails
by Emma Tustian over 3 years ago

PublicBit | Get Latest Technology, Movies, Gadget News


Read articles about the latest technology news and highlights covering computer Hardware, Software and Social media news at PublicBit.

Get Started Now
by aniket over 3 years ago
Hello world!
by aniket over 3 years ago

Sweetie's Studio


At Sweetie's Studio there's everything from giveaway & reviews to life of your average mother of 4 & wife. There's some recipes & crafts thrown in there, as well as some graphic/web design stuff as well.

Moving from WP to WP
by Natalie almost 4 years ago
Wednesday Wishlist: Laundry Room
by Natalie about 4 years ago

Shitty Kitty Cat Blog


My name is Kitty. Some like to call me Shitty Kitty because of my Cattitude, but it's just Kitty, and that's MISS. Kitty to you! Sometimes my staff calls me "The Little Queen", which is also accurate because I AM the QUEEN of this castle! I have round the clock servants who give me what I want when I want it. I do whatever I want and GET whatever I want or else! Enjoy my blog about my luxurious lifestyle, cat jokes, and more! It's all about MEow!

Healing Power of Cat Purrs
almost 4 years ago
Reasons to be a Cat by Pusheen
almost 4 years ago

Gotta Have Chocolate


Chocolate Blog. View many recipes for chocolate desserts, chocolate cookies, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate cakes, and more!

Oreo Chocolate Truffles
about 4 years ago
Chocolate Truffles
about 4 years ago



DesignedByBH is a Lifestyle blog full of crafts/DIY, food and cooking, all things wedding, and our adventures as new homeowners. Designing a DIY Lifestyle...And Some Other Stuff...

Teea Lynn


Teea Lynn brings affordable beauty and fashion to all women with all budgets. Giving advice on finances and health, Teea Lynn tries to cover every topic the average woman may face.

Sex in the small city - Mr. New York
about 4 years ago
Sex in the Small City (Teea Lynn)
about 4 years ago



Here is a BLOG about what I hav seen, what I have worked over and what I have learned. And here I am to share the same. So that even u can experinence the amazing world of food. All I ever wanted to do was to make food accessible to everyone; to show that you can make mistakes - I do all the time - but it doesn't matter. So come and join with me the amazing journey of Food.

by mrugank desai over 2 years ago
by mrugank desai over 2 years ago

Seo consultant


Internalsoul.com is a blog completely focusing on latest internet marketing strategies and search engine optimization. Internet is a fast changing world and to adapt to its changes marketing strategies changes everyday. Being in the internet marketing field for over 6 years, Internalsoul.com also provide Seo Consultancy based on latest algorithmic change and also specializes on Search engine optimization with white hat seo techniques.

Content Marketing Value And How It Boost Traffic
by David Oriol about 4 years ago
Social Media 2014: It is Happening Now
by Adam prattler about 4 years ago

Pets Garden Blog


Pet Campbell`s blog in which she writes about life in Florida, TheBengalBrats, Bengal cats and her ongoing attempt to train them, KalaTheKindDog, her husband John, also known as TheMasterOfTheUniverse (TMOTU), who occasionally expresses political opinions, Chaos caused by the critters in her house, the pain of life with arachnoiditis, digital photography, Wednesday-Hero's, Photo-Friday, gardens and gardening.

Happy Tax Day!
by pet almost 4 years ago
Unthinking Obedience
by pet almost 4 years ago

Mobile apps and game development - FuGenX Blog


FuGenX Technologies is leading Mobile and iOS Application Development Company in India, offering the services to USA, UK, Canada, India, middle east and other leading countries.

Standing O Sports


Standing O Sports is fully operated and ran by dedicated, full time journalism students who aspire to have a career in the sports journalism field. Standing O Sports aims to deliver our audience the most recent breaking news, the most diverse opinionated pieces, and the all of the must-see plays of the week. In the sports world, standing ovations are given only to players who truly deserve them – and all of our writers aspire to provide Standing O-worthy content.

La Liga: A Three Horse Race
by Elias Romanos almost 4 years ago
Detroit Tigers: Miguel Cabrera Signs 8-year Extension
by Lucas Frankel almost 4 years ago



"You know we're going to look like weirdos, right?" Choosing to fight the good fight, and laugh a good laugh.

My Adventure With Food


The blog contains simple recipes to good delicious food. I have a passion for cooking and baking so the recipes are a mix of both. Cuisine range from Italian to Konkan and meals range from breakfast to mid night cravings. It's my adventure with food and you are welcome to come along :)

Sweet Bread Pudding
by Priyanka almost 4 years ago
Pohe (Flattened Rice)
by Priyanka almost 4 years ago