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I'm Dorothea, an SEO consultant and an aspiring documentary photographer currently living in Berlin. On PicturEverything.com you will find my latest travel stories and tips from the world of webmastering.

Jumma Chumma Dede – Amitabh Bachchan & Kimi Katkar
by Dorothea about 4 years ago
Satyamev Jayate
by Dorothea about 4 years ago

Web Quit Smoking Guide


Quit smoking guide is an online quit resource, with content tailored towards making you quit smoking for good.

Chino House


Expat Family Living in Europe and experiencing the world through the outdoors and yummy food. Adventures will abound.

Snapshots of Mauritius
by Alison almost 4 years ago
A Story about a 1D Concert
by Alison almost 4 years ago

Family Review Guide


Family Review Guide is an online resource guide and review site for families of all types. We specialize in product reviews and we hope you find some helpful tips and information here. We do our best to provide you with current and up to date information about trending products, info about family life, travel, recipes, giveaways, and much more!



Velonavia - Velo, fr. French velo, bicycle. Nav, fr. Swedish nav, hub. Originally the central part of the wheel. Today hub also means central point, such as in various types of networks. Velonavia, playing a bit with the word Scandinavia, and allude to a fictional place. A placewith the bike in the center. The Swedish Academy, has a motto: ”Genius and taste, ” Velonavia´s motto could be ”useful and entertaining”. I will write about cycling in general, but perhaps more often of bikelanes, than the racetrack, perhaps more frequently about croissants, than on energybars, maybe more often, but not always …

First ride – Giant Anthem X
by xcmankan about 4 years ago
Cykelvalåret 2014. Torbjörn Wester (Pp) svarar på Velonavias frågor
by xcmankan about 4 years ago

The "L" Word


The "L" word is an advice and personal experience blog about living and loving yourself so you can love everyone else around you. It examines family, friendships and romantic relationships.

Nuts 4 Stuff


I am obsessed with beauty. Discover the best in cosmetics, perfumes, skin care, hair care, anti-aging, beauty tips, makeup tricks, swatches, reviews, fashion, exciting giveaways at times, delicious recipes to indulge in, dieting, fitness, time saving tips, and so much more to keep you feeling, looking, and living in beautiful style! Come along with me, Mary B., because there is always something new and fabulous to share at my daily beauty blog Nuts 4 Stuff. Here's hoping to see YOU there. >

Discover the Amazing Difference That Reshma Beauty Henna Offers Over Traditional Hair Color
by Mary Balandiat (Nuts 4 Stuff) over 2 years ago
Soothe Those Cares Away With My Relaxing DIY Bubble Bath Recipe!
by Mary Balandiat (Nuts 4 Stuff) over 2 years ago

Mix papers


Creative papers ideas,cards,tags and more I love the romantic style,vintage,shabby chic, mixed media style, grunge style and altered art. I enjoy creating with rubber stamps, various image designs in paper, glitter, paint and. I make my own flowers. There is recreation to sit up on the hobby room and let your creativity free rein..

Psalms and Psychoses


Psalms and Psychoses is the collection of the current works of Jeremiah Castelo: Songwriter, Poet, and Painter. “Psalms” is for this favorite book of the bible, reflecting the poetry and struggles of its author, King David. While “Psychoses” reflects the fascination that Jeremiah has with the human mind and how it can be affected by ailments, substance abuse and a number of different events. In all three of his fields he displays the consistent theme of finding harmony in two seemingly opposing factors, whether it be the rhythm and the melody in music, the religious and the scientific in poetry, or the organic and the man-made in art. His career itself seems to present this dichotomy as well, as he plays the dual role of the artist and the entrepreneur.

What Ominous Activity
by Jeremiah Castelo about 4 years ago
by Jeremiah Castelo about 4 years ago

Wheatgrass Products


Wheatgrass is a complete food cultivated out of sprouted wheatberries, the seed or kernel of the typical wheat plant. It's a member of the cereal grass family, which also consists of barely grass, oat grass and rye grass.

Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain Multi-Speed 900-Watt Juicer
by admin over 4 years ago

The Country Chick


The Country Chick is my blog about life on my family's hobby farm in the deep South with lots of cooking, small town anecdotes, crafts and diy, soap making, and a full cast of cute (and sometimes not so cute) animals.

Sweet Potato Cream Cheese Bread
by thecountrychick over 3 years ago
Shampoo Bars 101
by thecountrychick over 3 years ago