Abortion Advice


Abortion Advice are a team of trained staff providing confidential & non judgemental advice on abortion & unplanned pregnancies. Our dedicated staff are here to offer abortion advice in the fullest sense, so that you can make an informed decision on the best route to take for you.

Irish protesters demand abortion rights in Spain
by Abortion-Advisor almost 4 years ago
Abortion lessons in Ireland
by Abortion-Advisor almost 4 years ago



B2Bedia makes finding companies and businesses that are highlighting their content and promoting their products and services easy. Review company listings, content and see peer reviews to help make finding the most relevant and useful information fast.

Direct Marketing
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This is a religion based blog. The Earth, is the lowest of the higher worlds. Here are the different worlds and their various inhabitants.these blog is about The worlds in Hinduism – Part I.

By: swathylakshmi
by swathylakshmi about 4 years ago
By: Team Ishta Devata
by Team Ishta Devata about 4 years ago

Dad Rambles


This is what I feel like I am doing most of the time as a dad. They say that kids don’t come with instructions, and this couldn’t be anymore truthful. My interests are in a lot of different areas. By training I have a degree in Chemistry, but I like to tinker with a lot of stuff. Take it apart put it back together just for the heck of it. If it isn’t broke I am likely to try and fix it. Just give me a chance! My wife says I have too many hobbies, and this blog is no exception. I have had a few blogs in the past year, but I think this one is a little different. The others have involved be looking for content in a particular area, normally technology or travel related. However, this one is different in that it almost comes to me rather than me having to track it down. As a family we like to go hiking, geocaching and camping. I decided a while back that I needed to have a place to chronicle all of our travels. So, I decided to start a blog about it. We geocache under the name “Gunguy&fam, so if you see me on the trail that’s me! I am always up to the task of reviewing just about anything. I especially like Android Apps or anything techie. If you have a product that you would like to get reviewed I would jump at the chance to do it!

A Social Media Scheduler that Rocks! CoSchedule Review
by brian over 3 years ago
Very Berry Lemon Kefir Muffins
by brian over 3 years ago

Divine Will


The Will is the arena for the Kingdom.The Divine Will reigning in souls who live in It is the Kingdom . This will spread everywhere growing within us like a mustard seed.

Divine Will Retreat in Dublin
by Divine Will Promoter about 4 years ago
Archbishop of Trani and Luisa Piccarreta
by Divine Will Promoter about 4 years ago

Carry On Luggage Size


All things carry on...Australian airlines baggage restrictions, size and weight. Comprehensive luggage reviews with original photo's. Lists include luggage repairers, luggage brands and luggage shops.

Samsonite Videos
by admin almost 4 years ago
Cleaning Instructions for PacSafe Bags
by admin almost 4 years ago

The Great Indian Curry .....


I am one of those annoying chaps, with strong repulsion towards social gatherings and hysteric aunties. My daily activities include frantic wake-ups, assertive and iterative nose-digging, long relaxing morning pee, dragging myself to office, writing some software codes, smoking my lungs out, rigorous blogging and being very active on Social networking sites. My write-ups here might be considered derogatorily sarcastic and wildly humorous in some cases, which is why, some of my honest fans, mostly hailing from poorer third world countries, often misunderstand me as a fun and social person. But I am not. Nevertheless, I do feel sorry for those fans of mine. The Government hasn’t been kind enough and the U.S has stolen all their oils. The only good stuff left in their pathetic lives, is probably the internet and my Blog. Once an avid coder and technology enthusiast, a sudden realization had struck upon me. Codes don’t sell or get you laid either. The rare skill of convincing the world of your (non-existing) “Intelligence” and “dedication” does earn your bigger rewards. Silent pursuit isn’t appreciated. Noise is what gets heard. Hence, here I am, trying my luck, at a wide ensemble of spices, hoping for a perfect harmony and expecting a chaos which would echo down your digestive tracks and set the asses on fire.

Siddhu decides to Quit Laughing...Nation in Shock !!
by Soham Roy almost 4 years ago
The 'WeVote' Social App: Now Cast Your Election Votes Online...
by Soham Roy almost 4 years ago

Unleashed Fear


Unleashed Fear is a web based mafia online role playing game. (MMORPG) You take the role of a gangster, you will commit crimes, steal cars, deal drugs and trade stocks to make your way up.

Changes for V2.004
by Blaaster over 3 years ago
NPC System
by Blaaster over 3 years ago

Amazon Latest Products


Latest amazon products perfect for gifts on special occasions like halloween, Christmas, Mothers day, fathers day, teachers day and also for birthdays and other occasions.

Ultra Fast Wifi Kindle Fire HD 8.9" Tablet
by noel almost 4 years ago
Laptop And Camera Bag: An Essential For A Professional Photographer
by noel almost 4 years ago

Inspiring Children and Adults


Inspiring children and adults to realize the power they have within to take control of their own happiness.

Radio Stations Online - World Radios


Radio Stations Online - World Radios, Radio Stations, World Radio, FM Radio, Radio Online, Radio Livestream, Radio Shoutcast, US Radio, Europe Radios, Pop, Rock, Dance

Radio Antyradio Online - Radio Antyradio
over 3 years ago
Radio Bravo Požarevac Uživo - Radio Bravo
over 3 years ago

A La Modesty


Modest Fashion Blogger. Just enjoying the beauty of fashion and making modesty fabulous while I do it. xx Abby

The Labels I Live In
by A La Modesty over 2 years ago
Rag and Bone and Belly
by A La Modesty over 2 years ago

Naomi's Lace and Organza Tea Length Gown - Elvi Design


We met Naomi at First Comes Love last year, we met up to chat 'dress' soon after and she had just found out that they were expecting their first child.

Mark Hay - Perth Property Investment


It was meant to be a case of home sweet home when evicted landlord John Sharma returned to his Mt Richon home this week.

Crafty Houston


A Houston blog dedicated to sharing resources, reviews, and a bit of patronage with craft artists who turn their hobby into a business. Craft business resources, craft show and artist reviews from a consumers' altruistic point of view.

A Girl Can Never Have Too Much Amethyst
by El Crafty almost 4 years ago
Year of the Orchid, face it honey – It’s Amethyst
by El Crafty almost 4 years ago

Knowledge Salad


Knowledge Salad is a blog dedicated to giving everyone weird and useful trivia that we gather from anywhere. Most of the trivia here are either a product of heavy research or simply an accidental discovery. The idea is to keep an online journal/blog to place all of the things we learn in one place.

Awesome Pictures of Airplanes that Crashed in Water
by Eric Mikowski over 3 years ago
A Little Known Secret About Handwashing
by Eric Mikowski over 3 years ago

Tech time tea


Tech Time Tea is a tech savvy blogs bringing you the most updated and innovative tech updates covering from Mobile applications, Web applications, eCommerce & App marketing.

5 Organizational work habits to keep in mind while choosing a team communication tool
by Savio Fernandes almost 3 years ago
Xiaomi stands at a total valuation of 45 billion now!
by arup dey almost 3 years ago