Dada Veda


Dada Veda is a popular yogi who uses both meditation and music to promote a healthy lifestyle. Learn much about the art forms on his fun-to-read site.

Stream of Consciousness


This blog helps you get a hold of the reality of healthy living, the thought of which you once tossed away as a dream. Its secret is that the dreams lives inside of you.

Yoga and Meditation Blog


This blog is all about using yoga and meditation to find a calming clarity in your life to help with your overall well being. This blogger educates you on the practice and how this is going to help you mind, body, and soul to bring you to your personal best.

Hatha Yoga as an Ideal Practice
by Carole over 2 years ago
Yoga Benefits for Children and Teenagers
by Carole almost 3 years ago

A Charmed Yogi


A charmed yogi blogs about all things yoga, meditation, and health living related. Topics range from the latest yoga styles and yoga basics to how meditation can heal pain.

Top 10 Yoga Myths – Part Two
by Lisa Agostoni over 4 years ago
Top 10 Yoga Myths – Part One
by Lisa Agostoni over 4 years ago

Young Yoga Masters


Imagine Calm Focused Kids. Imagine being able to get your kids calm and focused when they need to be! It’s a fact that yoga helps and Young Yoga Masters gives you the tools to do it. join the community of teachers and parents who want fresh new ways to connect with children through yoga. Get started with a free teacher training guide The Essential Starter Guide to Teaching Kids Yoga.