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Alister Cameron is one busy guy. He is a blogging coach, designer, programmer, marketer, writer, educator/trainer, and strategist who blogs about blogging on the side. The great thing about his blog is that he is totally accessible and even features a live chat option on his site. His passion? Changing the world one blog(ger) at a time.

Mystery Writing is Murder


One of Writer's Digest's 101 Best Websites for Writers in 2011, this blog follows the literary exploits of Elizabeth Craig, mystery writer. Make sure you read one of Elizabeth's most popular posts, "When Good Characters Do Thoughtless Things," on her justification for a particular character's actions in her novel.

A Tip for Avoiding Plot Holes
by Elizabeth Spann Craig about 4 years ago
Keeping Motivated By Focusing on Today
by Elizabeth Spann Craig about 4 years ago



The forty-nine other blogs we've featured here will most likely whet your appetite about the consideration of grad school and chasing the Ph.D. We highly recommend that you also pass by this site to ensure that the decision is the best for your circumstances. Gradland pulls no punches in informing readers about the realities of going after the higher degree. No other blogger injects more reality into the heads of Ph.D dreamers.

Best of 2015
by LindsayNelson over 2 years ago
Onward and upward!
by LindsayNelson over 2 years ago



Fellow grad students congregate here to lift one another up and offer tailored advice for specific theses here. Enjoy this page's camaraderie and in-the-trenches support.

GradShare Blog & Expert Advice Has Moved
by DevinMcGinty almost 4 years ago
The Six Most Costly Mistakes To Avoid While Negotiating Salary or Bonuses
by dorafarkas almost 4 years ago

Google Student Blog


Google has become one of thesis writers' most important and valuable research tools. The mega-site unveils new tips on how to use it to maximum effectiveness here.

My Journey With Google
by Sarah H over 2 years ago
Google Science Fair 2016: #howcanwe make things better with science?
by Sarah H over 2 years ago

Student Hacks


This site specializes in offering tips on productivity to improve your knowledge retention. You can also learn how to streamline myriad facets of your life away from the books here.

4 Fantastic Ways to Spice Up Your LinkedIn Profile (While in College)
by Delgado over 4 years ago
How LinkedIn Can Help You Choose the Best College for Your Career
by Delgado over 4 years ago



Kathryn is a doctoral student in rhetoric and composition, which means she's studying to be a writing pro par excellence. Benefit from her whiz writing ability here.

Story Circles & Group Poems (Handout for Conference on Community Writing)
by taylo206 over 2 years ago
Business Travel With (and Without) a Baby
by taylo206 over 2 years ago



This blog offers sterling advice on how to create thesis and papers so good, they deserve to be paid for. Students who lack strong essay crafting skills will appreciate this.

Word Grrls


Inspiration can run dry when thinking of what the next ten or so pages of your thesis will entail. Lap from this blog's stream of advice on coming up with new ideas.

Content Designer/ Writer Job Post
by Laura Brown almost 4 years ago
Content Shock
by Laura Brown almost 4 years ago

How Not to Write


Procrastination is a reality of writing of all stripes, including dissertations. This blog address that lazy/scared feeling and helps you overcome it, to start writing again.

How to Achieve a Lifelong Dream
by Jamie Grove over 4 years ago
Everyone burns for their dreams…
by Jamie Grove over 4 years ago

Research Paper Star


Distinguish your thesis on some excellent research with this blog's support. You can learn how to specify your dissertation to chemistry, history, and many other fields.

Allison Winn Scotch


Whether you need to nurse your aching ego after a scalding rejection letter, or else you wish to see what the life of a published author looks like, then this is a good blog to look at. Allison is the author of three published novels, and writes about writing on her blog.

On Giving Up The Publisher's Advance
by Allison Winn Scotch over 4 years ago
The Greatest Mistake
by Allison Winn Scotch over 4 years ago

Angela Booth's Writing Blog


Angela Booth challenges your senses to become a better copywriter but she does it by giving wonderful assistance and guidelines on her amazing site, Angela Booth’s Writing Blog. She has stanch faith in her followers and proves it by supportive articles that will aid in learning and improving copy writing skills.

Beyond the Margins


Beyond the Margins features essays on the writing and publishing business. Check out Javed Jahangir's article on the future of the book and Dell Smith's essay on how screenplays help you to write better dialogue.

by Kathy Crowley over 4 years ago
Is There Any Such Thing As A Perfect Start?
by Nichole Bernier over 4 years ago

Confident Writing


This blog wants to help you write with confidence. Learn to trust your voice and take responsibility for your words by reading through some encouraging blog posts.

Dear Literary Ladies


Have you ever wished that you had a sort of fairy-godmother for your moments of writerly despair? If so, this is a good place to look. Nava Atlas poses questions on writing to famous literary figures in history and posts their answers in their own words. Read about what Zora Neale Hurston, Madeleine L’Engle, Willa Cather, and others have to say about the writing life.

Linda Clare's Writing Tips


Linda writes to connect with other people. Connect with Linda by reading about writing, editing, publishing, and everything in between.

Plot to Punctuation


When we saw the post title, "What is wrong with Huckleberry Finn?" we were hooked. Jason's intelligent posts on what makes for good character development in fiction will have you looking at your characters with fresh eyes. As an editor, we believe that Jason knows what he is talking about and he's here to help.

Procrastinating Writers


If you've ever procrastinated on your writing, this blog is a good place for you to look. Procrastinating Writers is here to aid creative writers in getting out of their ruts.

2 Books Every Novelist Should Read Annually
by Jennifer Blanchard about 4 years ago
5 Ways to Boost Your Creative Juices Using Your Nose
by Jennifer Blanchard over 4 years ago

Prose & Verse World


Tom Mach is a published writer and here he posts excerpts from his work, poems, his thoughts on writing in general.

The Renegade Writer


There are a lot of blogs that tell you the rules of writing and publishing. This blog defies convention and shows you how to break the rules! Learn how to launch a successful freelance career that works for you.

This One Tiny Habit Can Help You Become a More Productive (and Wealthier) Freelancer
by Diana Burrell about 4 years ago
5 Tips for Revealing to Your Boss That You’re Freelancing on the Side
by Linda Formichelli about 4 years ago

Writing Forward


Writing Forward is here for you. This creative writing blog is on the web solely for the purpose of aiding you in your writing. We think it's worthwhile to read through these helpful articles!

Journal Prompts for Dreamers
by Melissa Donovan over 2 years ago
The Writer’s Journey: A Must-Read for Storytellers
by Melissa Donovan over 2 years ago

The Halls: A Blog by myEdu


A site intended to be used by current students, myEdu offers counsel and advice on becoming the best student you can be. Class schedule planners and helpful study tips make this a resource that is aimed towards achieving academic results.

Summer Internships at Zappos
by andres over 4 years ago