Game Wallpapers


This blog features wallpapers based on all your favorite games. You'll find images for games like Test Drive Unlimited, World of Warcraft, Need for Speed, and many more.

New Homefront: The Revolution wallpaper
almost 4 years ago
New Rise of the Tomb Raider wallpaper (members only)
almost 4 years ago

Broken Toys


This guy works in the computer gaming industry on massively multiplayer games. And he plays video games a lot too. He calls making video games a "political act" and encourages other designers to improve their work by playing a LOT of games and considering their mistakes.

The Brew Hall


Rarely have we seen such enthusiasm for hunter pets go hand in hand with an affinity for dark lager; the Brew Hall follows the adventures of a dwarf hunter, Azeroth resident since the beginning. Hunter tips, mechanics, and podcasts feature regularly in this light hearted blog.

The Hunting Party Podcast is Back!
by Darkbrew over 3 years ago
Solar on Final Boss TV Today
by Darkbrew over 3 years ago

The Gold Queen


The Gold Queen proffers indispensable pro tips for lining your purse with gold each and every week. There's a lot of helpful advice for getting the most out of the Auction House, including useful addons and a lot of market information. Posts typically include accessible gold strategies that focus on productivity while remembering that World of Warcraft is a game people play for fun and entertainment, not a job.

Lovely Charm Farming Draenor for Love is in the Air Event 2016
by The Gold Queen about 2 years ago
Gold Queen BRB
by The Gold Queen about 2 years ago

Player Versus Auction House


After their guild fell apart at level 40, a sudden realization about gold profiteering and pricing sparked a quest for fame and riches. Player Versus Auction House makes for a compelling chronicle of the business acumen and hard work necessary to make it past 500,000 gold. Along the way we get some invaluable first hand looks and lessons in achieving that goal.



An in depth analysis of trading, item prices, investment and economic indicators in World of Warcraft. WoWMidas cleans up at the Auction House with strategies that focus on farming and fast turnover and avoid dependency on epic drops and intense raid schedules.

Achieve Commitment


Achieve leads the Commitment guild and blogs about his weekly profits and raiding with friends.



Advice and words of wisdom for having fun and leveling efficiently, from someone who enjoys the long road to the endgame more than scheduled instances.

Warcraft Econ


Regular interviews with the richest of the rich, gold making guides and economy patch notes to keep you up to date.

Troll Racials are Overpowered


Klepsacovic puts experience with all classes to good use in a blog relevant to characters of all classes, builds, sizes, shapes and colors.

The Noisy Rogue


Great posts about Blizzard's updates, mechanics, and the popularity of MMOs and World of Warcraft in particular.

Less QQ, More PewPew


Musings on the World of Warcraft community, how the game has changed over the years, and tips for a range of classes oriented towards endgame raids and PvP.

I Like Bubbles


A paladin and priest duo create colorful diagrams and flowcharts while documenting their raid and healer strategies.

The 'mental Shaman


Interesting and literate musings on various aspects of MMOs, such as design, mental health and addiction, prejudice, social justice, and feminism.

Nostalgia // The Observer’s Book of…
by Pewter over 2 years ago
The Space Between // Waiting For Diagnosis
by Pewter over 2 years ago

Kiss My Alas


Alas leads a 10-man raiding guild while juggling alternate characters and jogging on a nifty treadmill-outfitted desk that looks amazing.

The Evolution of Alaskah
by Alas about 4 years ago
More shit I’ve come up with
by Alas about 4 years ago

Disciplinary Action


A veritable grab bag of goodies for priests, Disciplinary Action also features comics and the popular Stained Class series of backgrounds suitable for iPods, iPhones, or iPads.

by Disciplinary Action over 2 years ago
How To Make Enough Gold to Purchase WoW Tokens
by Disciplinary Action about 3 years ago