The Renaissance Woodworker


Woodshop owner Shannon decided to capture the happenings of the wood world via podcast, initially. He has recently expanded into the blog post format here yet continues to pump out informative listens that are tuned into by many. Eighteenth-century woodworking styles are a highlight here, but Shannon directs his attention to myriad other fashions and techniques that will gratify even the most outlying woodworker.

Go Big or Not At All
by Shannon about 4 years ago
Proportional Models in SketchUp
by Shannon about 4 years ago

The Unplugged Workshop


Toronto-based Tom, with dreadlocks that complement his glasses in a quirky way, espouses the benefits of hand-crafted woodworking here. His blog shows that he has a wealth of experience in improving homes and boats alike with the power of wood. Each post exemplifies that specific passion, with clear and precise analyses of various tricks and tools of the trade. The correlation of musical instruments to woodworking and literal wardrobe malfunctions are some of the alluring topics here.

It’s Only Wood
by tom over 2 years ago
by tom over 2 years ago

Logan Cabinet Shoppe


Blogger Bob wields his 18 years of experience as a autodidact woodsman to help out newbies here. He specializes in writing about tools from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Downsizing and Simplifying the Site
by logancabinetshoppe about 4 years ago
One Spot Left in Saw Sharpening Class
by Bob Rozaieski over 4 years ago

Modern Woodworking


Blogger John has a preference for modern and mid-century wood design, which he demonstrates here throughout. Refurbishment for old machinery tools is his main gift.

Rust Hunting in Georgia 2014.04.12
by John Eaton over 3 years ago

Musings from the Workbench


Alf recounts the highs and lows of a life in wood on this personal yet informative page. She's particularly passionate about the myriad tools she uses in her wood creations.

by Alf over 3 years ago
Fountain Pen Day 2014
by Alf over 3 years ago

Sauer and Steiner


Konrad and this blog's other writers understand that woodworkers are only as savvy as their tool arsenal. He helps readers to arm themselves with utensils of elegance.

minding the gap - introducing the K8
by Konrad over 2 years ago
finishing the badger plane
by Konrad over 2 years ago

Rob Cosman


Blogger Rob teaches readers how to use hand tools expertly to create the most tailored woodworking projects. Those unfamiliar with wood will feel more grounded here.



This blog is all about woodworking tools and how to use them.