Wood Treks


This blog produces a new weekly video entry tailored toward those who want to become masters with wood. Each vid is sure to include strong examples of the craft.

Tools for Working Wood


A gaggle of top-notch woodworking pros contribute masterly yet accessibly posts on crucial woodworking values here. Joinery and festool jigsaws are recent topics.

The Village Carpenter


Kari obsesses over woodworking exclusively, with an occasional ice cream cone for good measure. She also manages to infuses pop culture relevance into many posts.

Stu's Shed


Stuart has engaged in a longstanding process of trial and error to glean the wood wisdom he shares here. A Nova chuck and Jet Mini lathe are the tools he writes most often on.

Nailed It!
by Stuart about 4 years ago
Jess’ perspective
by Stuart about 4 years ago

Chris Baylor's Woodworking Guide


Chris has loved woodwork since age 13 and continues to adore the smell of fresh cut cedar. That detailed and sensory passion permeates each lovingly written post here.

Plans for Various Kitchen Cabinets
about 4 years ago
Plywood Edge Treatment Options
about 4 years ago

Woodworking Adventures


This blog enlists real-life, truly expert woodworkers to relate their most prized tips and ideas here. They also support a gallery where you can drool over gorgeous wood pics.

Woodcraft Product Spotlight: Cutting Boards & Templates
by frank over 4 years ago
Woodcraft Product Spotlight – Thread Detective
by frank over 4 years ago

Woodworking Site Online


Beeline here for an onslaught of exciting and useful woodworking ideas daily. Recent features include toy ideas, tongue and groove joints, and DIY-woodshop advice.

Woodworking Projects For Spring
over 4 years ago
Woodworking Articles
over 4 years ago

Proven Woodworking


Woodworking neophytes who need an injection of masterly guidance turn here to shore up their skills. Each post focuses on a new plan, like rocking horses or utility carts.

The October Super Special!
almost 4 years ago
The September Super Special!
almost 4 years ago

Wood Fever


Jeff brings three decades of experience in wood to each post, lending an authoritative vibe to each post. Tornado beds are a new topic spotlighting by tragic recent events.

notes from a woodworker


An exhibition standard furniture designer/maker and features writer for 'Good Woodworking' magazine, Mark Griffiths shares the weekly ups and downs of running a crafts based buisness, along with some tips and tool reviews.

back to school
by gripper over 4 years ago



The Heartwood blog presents in-depth, thoughtfully written exploration of woodworking techniques, tool use, shop setup, and wood knowledge, with occasional personal reflections on the craft.

Tools for curves team
by Rob about 4 years ago
Compass plane in use
by Rob over 4 years ago

Rainford Restorations


Traditional woodworking blog from the perspective of a Traditional Joiner and Preservation Carpenter. A graduate of the North Bennet Street School, Bill is an avid woodworker, author and instructor in the field.

Making a Window Sash Part 1
by Rainford Restorations over 2 years ago
Upcoming Classes
by Rainford Restorations over 2 years ago



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