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Peter specializes in crafting beautiful, praised wooden chairs in the Windsor style. His blog reveals him to be an open man, not one to firmly guard the secrets to his excellent creations. On the contrary -- the posts typically exhibit a barrage of photos that help readers comprehend exactly what they're getting into, and what they can expect out of it. Peter warns all who visit to practice all safety procedures.

Ray Duffy
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Added Class and Spoon Video!
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I am an inspired woodworker who specializes in hand sculpted custom wooden rocking chairs and tables built to standards seldom seen these days. My one man shop nestles in Acton Ontario Canada just west of Toronto. I build custom furniture and look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy my site and let your imagination be part of the way you connect to me and my furniture. - Paul Lemiski

Build your own bespoke rocking chair 10 day course - Kevins chair
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Walnut & Cocobolo solid wood rocking chair photo shoot!
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