This blogger began his love of wood via a teenage apprenticeship with a German cabinet maker. He now specializes in writing on 18th-century American furniture.

What Happened at Popular Woodworking?
by Chuck almost 4 years ago

Tom's Workbench


Tom's Workbench is a blog that follows the woodworking adventures of Tom Iovino and his trusty sidekick Iggy the Trained Shop Monkey. Learn about projects,wood, tools, techniques and the like.

Banish the knuckle banger
by Tom about 4 years ago
The weekly plan
by Tom about 4 years ago

Jim the Chairmaker


I talk about traditional woodworking methods, restoring and using hand tools, making tools, and Windsor chair making. Using hand tools in the workshop is my passion.

Foot-Powered Shop
by chairmakerjim over 2 years ago
Who Made It?
by chairmakerjim over 2 years ago