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My blog chronicals my progress through different woodworking projects and techniques. I also write about making stained glass, which I've started to incorporate into my wood projects, and metal work.

How to build a router table


If you already get a router to your house, you must want to have a good router table to support your woodworking in the most efficient way? But, a router table with good quality in the market now often costs you a pretty much amount of money. Besides, there are also a wide range of that kind of items with so many different models, colors, designs, brands which may really confuse you, so, it is quite hard to really know which one is the best among them as well as whether it is really worth for your money. If that so, a do-it-yourself router table is a very good idea for you. It is not only an economical and easy way to have a router table but also good chance to try out your woodworking capacities. And with the hope of helping you make it happen easily, we are very pleased to introduce you the most basic, simplest and easies steps of how to build a router table that do not at all require you advanced skills or special tools and materials. Now, it’s the time for us to get all of them!!!



This blog is all about woodworking tools and how to use them.

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Updates from my basement garage workshop where things occasionally get made.