Woodworks by John


Woodworks by John is a one man shop that specializes in one of a kind furniture projects. All types of work is done ranging from furniture to custom wooden boxes and carved and gilded picture frames. I strive to make the wood the star of the show!

autumndoucet - for the love of wood


Wood creations, mother-of-pearl inlay. Autumn uses traditional woodworking techniques and the occasional power tool to create whatever the wood tells her to make.



Woodlogger is a Blog for those who are passionate about woodworking. You'll find projects, tips, and reviews on this site.

Bat House
by WoodLogger over 2 years ago
Eight Frogs on a Log Peg Game
by WoodLogger over 2 years ago

notes from a woodworker


An exhibition standard furniture designer/maker and features writer for 'Good Woodworking' magazine, Mark Griffiths shares the weekly ups and downs of running a crafts based buisness, along with some tips and tool reviews.

back to school
by gripper over 4 years ago

Design Matters


Good design often reflects nature, art, and architecture. Design Matters explores those timeless principles that lie beneath the surface. Emphasis is on learning to see and visualize.

New Design Resource for Woodworkers
by walkerg over 2 years ago
Hot Rod in wood
by walkerg over 2 years ago

Chair Design & Build Blog


I am an inspired woodworker who specializes in hand sculpted custom wooden rocking chairs and tables built to standards seldom seen these days. My one man shop nestles in Acton Ontario Canada just west of Toronto. I build custom furniture and look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy my site and let your imagination be part of the way you connect to me and my furniture. - Paul Lemiski

Build your own bespoke rocking chair 10 day course - Kevins chair
over 3 years ago
Walnut & Cocobolo solid wood rocking chair photo shoot!
almost 4 years ago

Sawtooth Ideas, Inc.


Sawtooth Ideas is an online marketplace for buying and selling woodworking plans. We also provide interactive software that makes woodworking plans more fun and engaging. Our blog highlights woodworking designers, building projects, and creating woodworking plans.

Woodworking Plans for an Epic Summer
by Sawtooth Ideas about 4 years ago
10 More Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Woodworkers
by Sawtooth Ideas about 4 years ago

Eugenie's Woodworking Blog


My blog is devoted to simple woodworking for the average craft person. I specialize in carving with a hand held rotary tool. I feature new models, decorative finishes, simple woodworking methods, and carving.



The Heartwood blog presents in-depth, thoughtfully written exploration of woodworking techniques, tool use, shop setup, and wood knowledge, with occasional personal reflections on the craft.

Tools for curves team
by Rob about 4 years ago
Compass plane in use
by Rob about 4 years ago

Trial and Error Woodworker


The journal of a hand tool-focused woodworker in his small garage shop. Also home of the 'woodworkblogipedia' - an index of classic blog posts.

Tom's Workbench


Tom's Workbench is a blog that follows the woodworking adventures of Tom Iovino and his trusty sidekick Iggy the Trained Shop Monkey. Learn about projects,wood, tools, techniques and the like.

Banish the knuckle banger
by Tom about 4 years ago
The weekly plan
by Tom about 4 years ago

Jim the Chairmaker


I talk about traditional woodworking methods, restoring and using hand tools, making tools, and Windsor chair making. Using hand tools in the workshop is my passion.

Foot-Powered Shop
by chairmakerjim over 2 years ago
Who Made It?
by chairmakerjim over 2 years ago

Traditional Skills


Traditional Skills is a blog about woodworking, blacksmithing, and carving. If you have an interest in these things join me while I show how to do projects and the tools used to do them.

Making A Puukko Without Power Tools by Ilkka Seikku
by Dave over 2 years ago
Ochsenkopf ( Ox Head ) Broad Hatchet
by Dave almost 3 years ago

Rainford Restorations


Traditional woodworking blog from the perspective of a Traditional Joiner and Preservation Carpenter. A graduate of the North Bennet Street School, Bill is an avid woodworker, author and instructor in the field.

Making a Window Sash Part 1
by Rainford Restorations over 2 years ago
Upcoming Classes
by Rainford Restorations over 2 years ago



TROPHYOLOGY creates exquisite awards, plaques, trophies, and corporate gifts. Based in Austin, Texas, TROPHYOLOGY offers designer award collections as well as custom award and plaque designs incorporating our clients’ brands. TROPHYOLOGY’s heirloom-quality pieces are designed by architect Eva Schone and locally handcrafted by accomplished artisans. Each TROPHYOLOGY award, plaque, or executive gift has a modern, yet timeless feel. Combining innovative designs with high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship, we create unique designs that communicate significance, value, and sophistication. TROPHYOLOGY is elevating (personalized and engraved) recognition awards and plaques to become desirable office accessories and home decorations. A new line of desk accessories will make excellent creative business gifts. TROPHYOLOGY is establishing a new standard, redefining expectations, and offering value by creating a new and memorable experience and product in the award and recognition industry. We delight in recognition. A 100 percent woman-owned business, TROPHYOLOGY has clients in major markets like Houston, Dallas, New York City and Los Angeles that include AIA Austin and AIA Tennessee, Austin Energy Green Building, Design Within Reach Austin Studio, the Texas Society of Architects, Hanger Inc., and the University of South Florida School of Architecture and Community Design.

Jeff Branch Woodworking


I write about the projects I make and include SketchUp tips as well as my own woodworking plans. I build both furniture projects as well as cabinetry and trim carpentry styl projects for my home.

The Alaska Woodworker


A hand tool wood working adventure in the Great Land