Woodworking Dungeon


Thirtysomething Darryl blogs about how woodworking highlights his time away from his wife and three kids. He specializes in designing vases and vessels with panache.



The blog of The Toolemera Press, an independent publisher of reprints of classic and rare books on early tools, trades and industries. Also, musings on anything or nothing related to ephemera, wood, woodworking, publishing, books, cats but no politics. Maybe some philosophy once in awhile but not too much. A lot of off hand humor and a bit of self-deprecating stuff too. Life is too short to be too serious.

Sometimes A Great notion: Small bowl adze from a ball peen hammer
by Gary Roberts over 2 years ago
A Very Sloydish Scoop
by Gary Roberts over 2 years ago

Stu's Shed


Stuart has engaged in a longstanding process of trial and error to glean the wood wisdom he shares here. A Nova chuck and Jet Mini lathe are the tools he writes most often on.

Nailed It!
by Stuart almost 4 years ago
Jess’ perspective
by Stuart almost 4 years ago

The Refined Edge


Norman, based in Canada, displays an affinity for designing furniture and educating others. He also espouses the use of hand tools in almost every post.

DIMENSIONS Sculpture Exhibition
by Norman Pirollo almost 5 years ago

Chris Baylor's Woodworking Guide


Chris has loved woodwork since age 13 and continues to adore the smell of fresh cut cedar. That detailed and sensory passion permeates each lovingly written post here.

Plans for Various Kitchen Cabinets
about 4 years ago
Plywood Edge Treatment Options
about 4 years ago

Woodworking Adventures


This blog enlists real-life, truly expert woodworkers to relate their most prized tips and ideas here. They also support a gallery where you can drool over gorgeous wood pics.

Woodcraft Product Spotlight: Cutting Boards & Templates
by frank over 4 years ago
Woodcraft Product Spotlight – Thread Detective
by frank over 4 years ago

Rustic Woodworking


Blogger Sandy blogs about her heated passion for woodworking even in the chilly climes of Minnesota. She has a knack for generating nifty ideas with old log pieces.

E-Z Log Tenon Cutter
by Sandy Kron over 2 years ago
Free Strap Clamp Woodworking Plan
by Sandy Kron over 2 years ago

My Woodworking


This blog encourages readers to regard woodwork as more than just precious pieces to awe over. Wood dowels, craft materials and more are all treated with esteem here.

Woodworking Site Online


Beeline here for an onslaught of exciting and useful woodworking ideas daily. Recent features include toy ideas, tongue and groove joints, and DIY-woodshop advice.

Woodworking Projects For Spring
about 4 years ago
Woodworking Articles
about 4 years ago

Bradford Woodworking


Ax handles, pitchforks, and disc blades are among the personal touches Bradford incorporates into his custom furniture. Unique wood furnishes populate every post here.

Checkered Table
by Joseph Kolasinski over 4 years ago
Small Ax Handle Bench with Shelf
by Joseph Kolasinski over 4 years ago

Wooden Box Maker


Women and sustainability are among the diverse yet important topics this site delves into. Readers can also learn how to master the craft of designing the perfect wood box.

Jun 5, Mortise and tenon.
about 4 years ago
Jun 2, How to set the fence on a router table
about 4 years ago

Essence of Woodwork


Wood artwork discovered from international ventures defines the standard post from this site. Woodturnings and chainsaw sculptures are recent, fascinating post topics.

Proven Woodworking


Woodworking neophytes who need an injection of masterly guidance turn here to shore up their skills. Each post focuses on a new plan, like rocking horses or utility carts.

The October Super Special!
over 3 years ago
The September Super Special!
almost 4 years ago

Wood Fever


Jeff brings three decades of experience in wood to each post, lending an authoritative vibe to each post. Tornado beds are a new topic spotlighting by tragic recent events.

Rob Cosman


Blogger Rob teaches readers how to use hand tools expertly to create the most tailored woodworking projects. Those unfamiliar with wood will feel more grounded here.

Custom Woodwork By Fred


Welcome to Custom Woodwork By Fred I am a local woodworker located in the Bradenton Florida area. I have over 30 years experience in home remodeling, cabinetry and furniture making. My website showcases a fraction of my work and I invite you to take a look. My furniture pieces are primarily fabricated from reclaimed lumber. I can see the potential for what this would can become and my pieces are designed around the pieces based on how much is available. I also use new lumber depending on the project. I also use the scraps to make custom cutting boards, picture frames and more. I try to use everything even the sawdust. I manufacture custom cabinetry in wood and laminate and also fabricate laminate counter-tops. I make furniture and cabinetry for residential and commercial customers.