Girls Gone Single


What to do when your husband should have never put the ring on it? Come to this site, proclaiming a life "happily ever after divorce."

Sex Talk For Wicked Women


"Conversations with women who refuse to behave" prove that even the most upstanding woman loves to have a good time every now and then.

Single in the City


This "single woman's dating diary" ought to be read by every woman looking to find true love in concrete jungles and asphalt locales.

Women's Divorce


Every married women deserves to shore up her knowledge of her options. This blog educates you on the steps to take when you need to end it.

Are you ready to date yet?
almost 4 years ago
Continuing Business Partnerships after Divorce
almost 4 years ago

Alexandrea J. Wilson | The Mt. Ephraim Center


This blog talks about living as a Christian in a secular world. We discuss parenting, singlehood, marriage, relationships, friendships, practical Christianity, beauty, and more!

Being Single is the New Black


Life in your 40's is a whole new deal - especially when you find yourself single after many years of not always domestic bliss. I was told I should share my experiences because in true Kathy fashion - it usually ends with ONLY ME. Think Sex in the City minus the Manalos and the City. More like Sexless in the Suburbs but with fabulous hair!