Nucking Futs Mama


"Trying to find where [her] kids hid [her] last damn marble" in her membrane, this blogger proves that families can chafe as much as they charm.

Things I’ve Learned This Week (Back from the Dead!!!)
by nuckingfutsmama almost 3 years ago
Things I’ve Learned This Week
by nuckingfutsmama over 3 years ago

Piece of ME


Jessica is a mother keen on making her "American dream a reality," with the help of a bright and well-designed blog site.



This "mama to four little ones, wife, writer, crafter, new farmer, and girl with a camera" proves that women have the world's best adventures.

on the farm
by SouleMama over 4 years ago
April days
by SouleMama over 4 years ago

Mommy on the Floor


"I'm not drunk, I'm exhausted;" never ask this lady blogger about why her eyes are red -- it's from having spent hours hitting the books and tucking the little ones in.

A letter to State Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz
by googiebaba over 4 years ago
How charter schools bankrupt public school systems
by googiebaba over 4 years ago

Parent Girls


It's the responsibility of the current generation to uplift the women who follow them in pride and bravery. Join the movement to raise better women here.

Rural Mom


RURAL MOM helps empower rural women with the right tools and information to live country life to the fullest. We focus on women, family, community, and sustainability. Our Rural Mom readers are forward thinkers, hand-crafters, and country proud!

We've Moved!
by Barb Webb over 3 years ago
Upgrade your snack time with Boursin Gourmet Cheese #sponsored
by Linda A. Kinsman over 3 years ago

Save A Momma


Dear mommas, this blog is for you. It's about finding yourself and reaching your goals. It's about happiness, love, fun and inspiration, it's about doing what you love and loving what you do. Come visit when you want to unwind, when you need motivation, when you start worrying about stuff. Our mission is to fight worry and stress, become the best we can be and live happily ever after.

Frugality Is Free


Frugality Is Free is a family blog about living a frugal life without compromising on family fun, health and green living. Find blog giveaways, product reviews, coupons and great money saving deals.

Friday Giveaway Linky November 28
by jrfrugal over 3 years ago
Target Holiday Hours Thanksgiving & Black Friday 2014
by jrfrugal over 3 years ago

Freelance Lad


What do you get when you mix a 23-year-old writer, a precocious 5-year-old, a 70-pound dog and a house full of laundry? A mommy blog! Read about the antics of my family, laugh at my ridiculous cooking disasters, or indulge in freebies and freelance work-at-home job listings.

Business Cards from BuildASign - Plus $25 Gift Card Giveaway
by noreply@blogger.com (Emilia Lamberto) over 4 years ago
Get Published in Print
by noreply@blogger.com (Emilia Lamberto) over 4 years ago

Fit Fabulous Mom


I'm a mom/wife/orthodontist who writes a blog to help moms understand that they are important and that they need to make themselves a priority. We moms have to take care of ourselves, or no one else will!

Undiscovered Worth


A personal style blog filled with inspiring and down-to-earth topics.

Erin Cox's Her Inspired Life


Erin Cox is the author of One Hot Mama: The Guide to Getting Your Mind and Body Back After Baby! Her mission is to inspire and motivate moms to live with joy, happiness, and intention while raising children.

Release your holiday expectations and enjoy “what is”…no matter what’s going on in your life (or the world)!
by Erin Cox over 3 years ago
Can Joy Come Out of Adversity?
by Erin Cox over 3 years ago

Heartbeat Magazine Blog


A lifestyle Magazine Blog all about the art of living with heart. On the blog you will find articles on healthy living, photography, giveaways, social media, recipes, tech tips, Out and About, and heartfelt organizations.

Book Review of The Mountain Midwife by author Laurie Alice Eakes
by Nicole Flothe over 2 years ago
Book Review of Honest Wrestling by author K. Howard Joslin
by Nicole Flothe over 2 years ago

Mrs C's Sugarcoated Life


The many adventures of one wonder woman, stage mom and stage wife, freelance writer with stage fright, party planner extraordinaire, food fanatic, wannabe iron chef and all-around Alabang girl.

Discovering Myself on Snapchat
by MrsC | Patricia Cuyugan over 2 years ago
Kiwa Korean Grill Dining
by MrsC | Patricia Cuyugan over 2 years ago



Crafts, adventures in Arizona, working mommy, wanting to share things I know to other mommy's and more!