Wonder Branding


Wonder Woman was a classic cartoon to whose popularity and durability most everyone concedes. In the vein of long-lasting feminine strength, Wonder Branding examines how the fairer sex is best approached in marketing schemes. Soccer mom and blogger Michele loves duct tape, wishes she could watch more of the NFL, and knows exactly where the men get in wrong in wooing women: they fail to see into their insides and psyches. A must-read blog for the clueless on earning women biz.

She Takes On The World


Career and entrepreneurial women flock to this site to glean tips on such topics as personal branding and leadership. Interviews with top-rank ladies appear often here too.

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Guys with no clue on how to lure more ladies to their business approach blogger Stephanie for help. She teaches the boys how to respect women's sophistication in marketing.

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Real life marketing for small towns, small business and you.

Bisexual Dating Guide


Everything Bisexual and Bisexual Dating Related in the world.