The Human Trafficking Project


Slavery is no old relic but rather a continuing problematic epidemic that must be stopped. This blog works to spearhead efforts on ending the horrible practice against women.

Gender Across Borders


This "global feminist blog" keeps track of the struggle of women throughout the world to rise above. The writing here is particularly top-notch.

International Women's Day


This extremely important lady-celebration takes place every year on March 8. But this blog purports that women ought to be feted every day.

Mama Cash


One thing to know about Mama Cash -- "she's independent." She does rely on this blog site to find those similarly free-minded to join her in her quest for change.



The most important goal for any woman is to achieve serenity for her family and her soul. Ladies in support of peace throughout the world will enjoy this blog.

Saudi Jeans


The special political climate of Saudi Arabia is covered in this blog. It features "a special focus on freedom of expression, human rights and women’s rights."