Twentysomething women, contrary to popular belief, are not always shaving their legs and singing Katy Perry songs. Like on this blog, they also take to the road and take no prisoners.



This blog promotes the truth that "you have the power to end street harrassment." It encourages readers to use mobile technology to protect themselves.

Week In Our Shoes: Let’s Do Launch Edition
by admin about 4 years ago
Karla’s Story: Harassed while commuting
by admin about 4 years ago



Unfortunately, respect for women has yet to completely permeate human relations around the globe. Akimbo keeps watch on women's progress in their well-being.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education: Where We Stand in Peru
by Catalina Hidalgo over 2 years ago
Zika and Reproductive Rights
by Françoise Girard over 2 years ago

Women's Glib


Oftentimes, the feminist movement is criticized for being too harsh and rampaging. Blogs like these support "feminism with ease."

Happy Bodies


This blog sets an excellent example for what should be set up at every college. It tracks "body positivity at carleton college and beyond."

Get Inspired!
by Allie over 4 years ago
Read this Book: Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh
by Allie over 4 years ago

Parent Girls


It's the responsibility of the current generation to uplift the women who follow them in pride and bravery. Join the movement to raise better women here.



"Visions of female sexual power and a world without rape" fuel this important blog page. Live video chats help readers get closer to the head writers.

The Yes Means Yes Show has arrived!
by jaclynfriedman about 3 years ago
The Power Of Speaking Out Is Cumulative
by Thomas over 3 years ago

Looking at Muslim Women


Few remain unaware of the importance and large media presence held by the news of the Middle East. This site keeps you informed of the latest happenings there.

The Latest on the Headscarf “Situation” in Switzerland
by nicole over 3 years ago
Friday Links | November 21, 2014
by anneke over 3 years ago

Womanist Musings


It can be extremely difficult for socially conscious mothers to convey hope and positivity about the world to their kids. This blog shows one mom's struggle with Earth's issues.

For Zaida Waters, Black Women Behaving Badly Is A Joke
by Renee over 4 years ago
Living Tiny and how Small Changes Mean Big Things
by Renee over 4 years ago

Feminist Philosophers


It's important for every woman to be well-versed in the rich literature and rhetoric of generations past. This blog offers news that new "feminist philosophers can use."

Very simple demonstration…
by Jender over 2 years ago
Firing Melissa Click was messed up, and you don’t have to like what she did to think so.
by philodaria over 2 years ago

My Fault, I'm Female


"Do you sometimes feel that it's your fault you were born female?" Visit this site and voice your concerns about unreasonable treatment here.

Gender Across Borders


This "global feminist blog" keeps track of the struggle of women throughout the world to rise above. The writing here is particularly top-notch.

International Women's Day


This extremely important lady-celebration takes place every year on March 8. But this blog purports that women ought to be feted every day.