Piece of ME


Jessica is a mother keen on making her "American dream a reality," with the help of a bright and well-designed blog site.

Black Pearls


Black Pearls is a blog that feels fashion is a lifestyle. It is dedicated to all women with an emphasis on women of color. She wants her site to be a platform of inspiration for all women to feel their best. So step out of your boundaries and enjoy this site!

Mandy Stadtmiller


This lady-blogger is "so awesome you might just punch her in the face;" those who don't appreciate a firm yet feminine point of view, click elsewhere.

Christian Nymphos


This blog exemplifies the wanton longings of even the most button-up and tight-laced lovers of the Lord.

Rana June


One of the most appreciated and followed bloggers for women boasts a hearty writing style and emphatic viewpoint.

Diet Girl


The Amazing Adventures advertised on this blog will stoke a spirit to drop the pounds in even the most hardened dieters.

by Shauna over 2 years ago
Like a goose
by Shauna over 2 years ago

How to Love a Black Woman


"Creative intimacy no matter what color you are" is offered with vibrant humor and cogent anecdotes here.

Black Women in Europe


From Josephine Baker to Lena Horne, Black women of legend have been taking Europe by storm; click here for news on the latest African-American ladies on the continent.

Vienna Meet Up
by B.W.I.E (™) almost 4 years ago
aMASE: advancing Migrant Access to health Services in Europe
by B.W.I.E (™) about 4 years ago

Sex Talk For Wicked Women


"Conversations with women who refuse to behave" prove that even the most upstanding woman loves to have a good time every now and then.



This "mama to four little ones, wife, writer, crafter, new farmer, and girl with a camera" proves that women have the world's best adventures.

on the farm
by SouleMama about 4 years ago
April days
by SouleMama about 4 years ago

Mommy on the Floor


"I'm not drunk, I'm exhausted;" never ask this lady blogger about why her eyes are red -- it's from having spent hours hitting the books and tucking the little ones in.

A letter to State Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz
by googiebaba over 4 years ago
How charter schools bankrupt public school systems
by googiebaba over 4 years ago

Well Woman Blog


This blog offers health tips and wellness information for women. Topics covered have included menopause, breast cancer, teeth whitening, among many other subjects.

Single in the City


This "single woman's dating diary" ought to be read by every woman looking to find true love in concrete jungles and asphalt locales.

Teen Diaries


The self-proclaimed 'ultimate life guide for young urban women' is a blog that offers advice and resources on education and life for teen girls.

Change: Women's Rights


Few online news blogs offer as much comprehensive coverage on womens' rights as does this site. The articles are as timely as they are tactful.

Women's Issues


Linda Lowen fields a myriad of topics concerning women today. Recent posts include info on cyberstalking and making more women leaders.

Speaking Truth to Power
over 4 years ago
All About the Affordable Care Act and Women
over 4 years ago

We Are The Real Deal


This blog functions as a place where "women of all shapes, sizes, colors, lifestyles, opinions, and beliefs on can come together to talk." It's more lively forum than love-in, though.

You’re so beautiful, but…
by MamaV about 4 years ago
Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Plate
by iaedp about 4 years ago

The Human Trafficking Project


Slavery is no old relic but rather a continuing problematic epidemic that must be stopped. This blog works to spearhead efforts on ending the horrible practice against women.