Change: Women's Rights


Few online news blogs offer as much comprehensive coverage on womens' rights as does this site. The articles are as timely as they are tactful.



This blog promotes the truth that "you have the power to end street harrassment." It encourages readers to use mobile technology to protect themselves.

Week In Our Shoes: Let’s Do Launch Edition
by admin over 3 years ago
Karla’s Story: Harassed while commuting
by admin over 3 years ago



Unfortunately, respect for women has yet to completely permeate human relations around the globe. Akimbo keeps watch on women's progress in their well-being.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education: Where We Stand in Peru
by Catalina Hidalgo almost 2 years ago
Zika and Reproductive Rights
by Françoise Girard almost 2 years ago



"Visions of female sexual power and a world without rape" fuel this important blog page. Live video chats help readers get closer to the head writers.

The Yes Means Yes Show has arrived!
by jaclynfriedman over 2 years ago
The Power Of Speaking Out Is Cumulative
by Thomas about 3 years ago