Half Of Me


One woman's struggles, triumphs and information about weight loss and the surrounding issues it represents.

Naturally Knocked Up


The writer at Naturally Knocked Up imparts her knowledge of healthy living to promote conception on her detailed blog. She provides natural remedies, cleansing tips, and inspiration for those who are struggling with getting pregnant.

The decision of trying to conceive during chronic illness
by Jessica about 4 years ago
One simple way to raise your BBT (basal body temperature)
by Natasha about 4 years ago



This "not your mama's menopause" page, rather an up-to-the-minute and up-front discussion about the inevitable rite of passage in womanhood.

Majority rule? Time to express yourself
by Liz about 4 years ago
Friday NewsFlash: more loco for cocoa, the ‘why’s’ have it!
by Liz about 4 years ago

Tracee's Women's Health Blog


This blog concentrates a good deal on reproductive health and offers posts on women's health crises around the world.

Updates and New Posts
about 4 years ago
Meditation and Pregnancy
about 4 years ago

Diet Girl


The Amazing Adventures advertised on this blog will stoke a spirit to drop the pounds in even the most hardened dieters.

by Shauna over 2 years ago
Like a goose
by Shauna over 2 years ago

Well Woman Blog


This blog offers health tips and wellness information for women. Topics covered have included menopause, breast cancer, teeth whitening, among many other subjects.

Happy Bodies


This blog sets an excellent example for what should be set up at every college. It tracks "body positivity at carleton college and beyond."

Get Inspired!
by Allie over 4 years ago
Read this Book: Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh
by Allie over 4 years ago

Her Fitness Blog


Rose ,author of The Fitness Blog, has struggled most her life with being over weight. At a doctor's appointment she was told her blood pressure and cholesterol were very high and if she didn't loose weight her health would suffer. This blog follows her journey to being fit , leading a healthy life and maintaining a healthy weight.

Fresh Food 4 Thought


This blog focuses on food, dieting and health. Fresh Food 4 Thought blog is written by Cindy Sebulsky, a registered, licensed dietitian. She takes an in-depth look into natural whole foods and reviews many books on nutrition.

The Doctor’s Diet
by Cindy Sebulsky, RD/LD over 3 years ago
Quinoa May Prove to be Gluten Free
by Cindy Sebulsky, RD/LD over 3 years ago

Follow Holly


Follow Holly is a lifestyle plan created by fitness expert Holly Mosier for those like-minded people who want to enjoy vibrant youthful health and fitness throughout their life, from preteen through senior years. She has an amazing outlook on life and believes you look and feel good without sacrificing the enjoyments of life.

Preventing Accidents in the Home – Advice & Tips
by hello@hollymosier.com (Holly Mosier) almost 4 years ago
Finding the Best Location to Open a Gym
by hello@hollymosier.com (Holly Mosier) almost 4 years ago

Birth Control Buzz


Always an important factor when thinking about the effectiveness of policy is evaluating a community's relationship with birth control. This blog discusses the topic better than anywhere else.

Writing to Wellness


This blog tells the tale of a woman's journey with dealing with a tremendous weight gain (upwards of 327 pounds). She has come to realization that she can't live her life this way anymore and is trying to discover the root of her issues and lose the weight. She shares her ups and down, as well as dieting highs and lows with us through her courageous blog.

Natural Counselor Blog


Creator Irina Wardas is a health counselor, and she created this blog with an aim to help those who would like to treat their bodies, skin, and lives better. There are entries about recipes for detox, weight loss, or healthy heart. And all recipes are easy and simple.

Holistic Health Counselors and Coaches and What They Do
by Irina over 4 years ago

Healthy Women


This blog is associated with Healthy Women, an online resource guide. The entries are well updated with guest bloggers and health-related articles. One entry is about how your phone can keep you healthy. What? Yes, there are apps for smartphones that do everything from counting calories to monitoring workout programs.

Be Prepared


We are breaking the silence on the "taboo" topic of periods! We help women and parents with all things menstrual, including menarche (first periods), PMS tips and even with organic and traditional feminine hygiene products.

Preparing for Puberty with Autism
by The Be Prepared Period Team about 4 years ago
“So I Hear You’re a Woman Now!”
by The Be Prepared Period Team about 4 years ago

Will Run For Food


Will Run For Food is about having a healthy, happy, whole life. Not just physically, but mentally. You can run every morning, and have the body of your dreams, but if you’re not happy then what is it worth? Will Run For Food aims to show you how to live the life that you love and be healthy doing it.

Wellness Ocean


Wellnessocean blog takes a holistic approach to well-being. By holistic, we mean considering the whole person and the choices an individual makes to nurture their body and mind – the air they breathe, the moments they take, the products they put in and on their body. We believe that feeling close to nature helps everyone achieve a sense of balance, both with the outside world and the world within. We aspire to enhance the well-being of body, mind and soul through a holistic approach to beauty and health that is rooted in centuries of deep, collective knowledge. Wellnessocean stands for wellness through nature's gifts, which have been formulated by traditions from all over the world, to give you the benefit of time tested, chemical free products which are gentle and without ill-effects.

Find YOUR Fit


Find YOUR Fit brings nutrition, fitness, and women's health education with the real woman in mind. Inspiring, rather than intimidating, Find YOUR Fit focuses on practical and science-based information, while encouraging healthy body image.