Half Of Me


One woman's struggles, triumphs and information about weight loss and the surrounding issues it represents.

Women and Hollywood


Many might quibble about our selection of this blog in particular. Aren't there enough gossip rags and paparazzi pages online already about the foibles of Megan Fox and Lindsay Lohan? We'd particularly encourage people who feel this way to head quickly over to Women and Hollywood. This blog "is actually bigger than just Hollywood and films. It raises awareness about all issues related to women and popular culture." In a ridiculously male-dominated industry, W&H writes with guts and vigor.

Weekly Update for November 20: Women Centric, Directed and Written Films Playing Near You
by Laura Berger over 2 years ago
5 Women-Centric Pop Culture Essentials This Weekend
by Melissa Silverstein and Inkoo Kang over 2 years ago

Georgie Girl


This New York City girl thoroughly loves and takes advantage of life in "the country's fashion sandbox."

My blog
almost 4 years ago
"Is it daytime at your house, Daddy?"
about 4 years ago

Like a Warm Cup of Coffee


As "a place to curl up and begin your day," ladies will enjoy lingering on this blog page as they focus on important issues like alcoholism and abortion.

Hair Loss Treatment
by Jamal over 2 years ago
Laser Hair Therapy
by Jamal over 2 years ago

Grow Older Better

The aging process can sometimes seem unwieldy, but this site ensures that you get older with intelligence and panache.



This "not your mama's menopause" page, rather an up-to-the-minute and up-front discussion about the inevitable rite of passage in womanhood.

Majority rule? Time to express yourself
by Liz over 4 years ago
Friday NewsFlash: more loco for cocoa, the ‘why’s’ have it!
by Liz over 4 years ago

Fabulously Forty


Graduate from kitten to cougar with grace, elegance, and excitement on this multi-blogger page.

Do You Have An Extra Large in This?


This New Zealand blogger is all about losing the hefty pounds and chronicles the loss well, as "a journey to loving health, fitness, and the occasional ice-cream or two."

The Nagging Voice
by Raina Singh over 4 years ago
Disconnecting from Technology
by Raina Singh over 4 years ago



The women bloggers of this site reject any sort of formal categorization of their existences and write simply about the freedom of being themselves.

Girls Gone Single


What to do when your husband should have never put the ring on it? Come to this site, proclaiming a life "happily ever after divorce."

Misadventures with Mandi


"A feisty foodie slash lit-chickie slash globe trotting wannabe Frenchie" jetsets as often as she writes charming blog posts.

Nucking Futs Mama


"Trying to find where [her] kids hid [her] last damn marble" in her membrane, this blogger proves that families can chafe as much as they charm.

Things I’ve Learned This Week (Back from the Dead!!!)
by nuckingfutsmama almost 3 years ago
Things I’ve Learned This Week
by nuckingfutsmama over 3 years ago

Caroline McCarthy


This blogger, journalist, and "chronic overuser of the words 'sweet' and 'awesome'" cannot help but endear herself to readers with honest, heart-felt blog posts.

Nothing could be more #100healthydays for day 24 than riding our...
almost 4 years ago
caro: I feel like the worst person in the world for knowing...
almost 4 years ago

Tracee's Women's Health Blog


This blog concentrates a good deal on reproductive health and offers posts on women's health crises around the world.

Updates and New Posts
over 4 years ago
Meditation and Pregnancy
over 4 years ago

Soul of Asian Woman


"Bits and pieces on life, travel, yoga, coffee, food and books" go a long way to encompass the unique viewpoint of the Asian-American blogger.

Learning Again


This blogger has some real strength and mettle; she writes " to spite infertility, fibromyalgia, CFS," and focus on "starting a business."