Love To Eat, Hate To Exercise


The title of this blog will speak to just about anyone who's felt an immense struggle with their weight -- exercise does have it charms, but it's simply not as consistently pleasing as pizza can be. Fortunately, blogger Andra's well-written and honest posts can go a long way to restructuring such thinking and forging new relationships with both food and working out. You'll probably want to try out a number of the dishes that you see Andra nibbling on here, too.

Slim Plate System Review
by noreply@blogger.com (Andra) about 4 years ago
by noreply@blogger.com (Andra) over 4 years ago



Carla Birnberg is an award-winning writer, personal trainer, bodybuilding competitor, and author of this great blog. She shares her health & fitness knowledge with those who might not have access to one-on-one training. Her motto is "fitness isn’t about fitting in." We need to make our own unique path even though we all have the same goal to live a longer, healthier life.

Fear and aging. A 40 word guest post.
by Carla over 2 years ago
I’m terrified of GLUTEN.
by Carla over 2 years ago

The Great Fitness Experiment


This is a very funny and entertaining blog. This hilarious mom brings you reviews and honest opinions of weight loss tools, diets and books. She covers a wide range of topics from parenting to health and fitness. She makes you laugh and the photos on this site are adorable and funny.The baby duct tape to the wall will have you in laughing till you cry. You will actually enjoy getting fit when you are on this site.

I Have a Heart Defect: Me and My Myocardial Bridge (Crushing chest pain is one way to cure an exercise addiction I guess!)
by Charlotte almost 3 years ago
Weight loss might make you healthier but it probably won’t make you happier, according to a new study
by Charlotte almost 4 years ago

Escape from Obesity


This mother and blogger has come to terms with a serious issue in her life: She is obese, and her weight is drastically effecting her life expectancy. Readers anywhere, who are either struggling with being overweight or know someone who is, will immediately root and champion this writer for her willingness to write so frankly on this personal and scary issue. She recognizes her extra pounds as an incarceration from which she can, and will, expunge herself.

by Lyn over 2 years ago
by Lyn over 2 years ago

Fraud Files


Tracy Coenen is a forensic accountant and, in addition to her blog, has authored two books. Her blog offers tips on investigative accounting and auditing, as well as news on the latest frauds, Ponzi schemes, and regulations.

Evaluating Businesses for Divorce: Using the General Ledger
by Tracy Coenen over 2 years ago
A Correlation Between Gambling and Fraud?
by Tracy Coenen over 2 years ago

re: The Auditors


Blogger Francine McKenna has "more than twenty years of experience in consulting and professional services including tenure at two Big 4 firms." Needless to say, her insights are spot-on and a must-read for any person interested in accounting issues.

Update: Writing About Equity Market Structure at MarketWatch
by Francine over 2 years ago
Three Accounting-Related Stories At MarketWatch
by Francine over 2 years ago

Who Ate My Blog


The hilarious title of this blog lured us to the site. But it's blogger Stephen's 400+-pound weight loss adventure that encourages us to keep reading.

by Stephen Vinson over 2 years ago
Learning About My Behaviors
by Stephen Vinson over 2 years ago

Token Fat Girl


Ditch the dieting pills and gimmicks, that can actually set you back. Rather, read this account of all natural weight loss.

Fit Bottomed Girls


"Keeping a lid on the junk in the trunk" was the main impetus for these bloggers to drop the pounds. Their good humor makes for fun reading here.

3 Things I Learned by Unplugging
by Kristen almost 4 years ago
Boomtastic Reads for Your Holiday Weekend
by Jenn almost 4 years ago

Journey to Fitville


The blogger on this site believes that "it's never too late -- in fiction or in life -- to revise." Fortunately, the weight on this blog is being edited for the thinner.

Quotable - We Have a Choice
by noreply@blogger.com (Lee) about 3 years ago

Running Through Life


One of the more classic weight-loss methods is the simple thrill of logging in some miles on the track. This blog shows you how to combine your runs with your weight loss.

Tippy Toe Diet


This site's blogger knows how hard it can be. She ultimately triumphed "after years of the diet cycle--trying, failing, trying, failing, trying failing."

How I Spent My Summer Vacation
by Cammy Chapel almost 3 years ago
Back on My Feet…Mostly
by Cammy Chapel almost 3 years ago

The Sassy Pear


Ever feel discouraged in your push to drop the weight? Join this blogger, who "sometimes [feels like] Wonder Woman... and sometimes not."

Selvera Week 2 Recap
by Jill almost 4 years ago
My tribe
by Jill almost 4 years ago

Mark's Daily Apple


This blog will have you thinking like your ancestors did! This blogger provides daily nutrition tips for us that help us live a lifestyle with a connection to the way that people did hundreds of years ago. This will put you in touch with your roots as well as promote healthy daily living.

Baked Eggs with Creamy Spinach
by Worker Bee almost 4 years ago
What a Difference 110 Pounds Makes
by Guest almost 4 years ago

Bigger Than My Body


Sometimes it's important to keep dieting in perspective. This is a maxim of this blog, "a journey about health, self-discovery, steadfastness and living the life I envision for myself."

Chronicles of a Modern Caveman


Sometimes, the best push to great weight loss is a focus on the primal. This successful loser aims "to live life as simply as possible."