2000 Dollar Wedding


Even if your budget isn’t quite as restrictive as this one, you’ll find her ideas for budgeting and cost-cutting valuable. Pictures show that a wedding on a budget doesn’t need to look cheap.

The Budget Savvy Bride


Insiders secrets from brides who hosted lower-cost weddings will have you planning your own event several steps ahead of the budget-conscious crowd. Expect beautiful posts featuring budget weddings, and advice on how to pull it off yourself.

Industrial Sump Pumps
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Submersible Sump Pumps
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The Broke-Ass Bride


As the name implies, this a blog about a wedding on a budget. It's full of great money savings tips that you would never even think of - it's a creative way blog about having a cheap wedding.

Wedding Planning on a Budget


Bloggers Tim and Lisa Spooner planned their wedding on a budget. With just $2,000 they were able to plan their dream wedding, and they offer information and tips on how they did it. The blog also features ways couples can save on floral arrangements, dresses and more.

Black Friday: A Bride’s Wedding-Shopping Heaven
by Administrator over 4 years ago