This tip-filled blog designed for designers caters frequently to the Flash crowd. Earn boatloads of inspiration and insight into the best ways to use the programming.

How to Display Timed Transcript Alongside Played Audio
by Preethi Ranjit over 2 years ago
40 Creative Remakes of The World Map
by Nancy Young over 2 years ago

Miceli Studios


This New York-based Flash blog brings real energy and verve to the craft of using the programming. It keeps readers up to date on the latest trends and happenings.

Photoshop Elements


Photoshop Elements is one of the newest formats for the design programming software. This blog is the best anywhere at ushering those who aren't familiar with the software into the fold. Even if you're not too keen on Elements per se, you can look to this blog for unending Photoshop inspiration. The writers make especially intelligent and authentic use of Texture capacity in order to show how a pic can really sparkle and pop.

Dr. Dobb’s Journal


This is actually more like a collection of blogs. These gurus provide in depth information and advice on C++ and software development in general.

My Coding


This blog will guide you from “hello world” to your first full-fledged program. Newbies and old pros will both enjoy the posts here. There’s also a section on Java for anyone looking to dabble in both languages.

PHP Architect


This site delivers everything a PHP programmer could need. Readers will find development resources, news, opinions, and a podcast.

PHP Women


This blog strives to provide encouragement and resources for female PHP developers. It began in 2006 and serves as a network for women in programming.

C++ Next


This blog aims at keeping C++ programmers in the loop on what is happening with the new ISO standard. Readers are invited to discuss posts and offer their own input.

Sutter’s Mill


Herb Sutter is a respected authority and author of several books on C++. His blog offers insight into the programming language, as well as dabbling in hardware, Java, and general software development.

Trip report: Fall 2015 ISO C++ standards meeting
by Herb Sutter over 2 years ago
My talk at CppCon
by Herb Sutter over 2 years ago

LLVM Project Blog


This blog is focused on the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure. It contains news and updates on the project, as well as some C++ tips.

LLVM Weekly - #11, Mar 17th 2014
by Alex Bradbury over 4 years ago
LLVM Weekly - #10, Mar 10th 2014
by Alex Bradbury over 4 years ago

Just Software Solutions


This custom software development company produces quite a useful blog for C++ programmers. They offer advice and tips that will help you program better and faster.

Kate Gregory’s Blog


Programmers will find a variety of information at this blog, ranging from C++ to Windows 7. A nice feature of this blog is that the author has separated each topic into its own RSS feed.

Easy Screen Captures
by Kate Gregory over 4 years ago
My Visual Studio 2013 course is live
by Kate Gregory over 4 years ago



This blog is run by Lab49, a technology-consulting firm based in New York and London. Their blog contains numerous posts of interest to C++ programmers.

SSH To Box with .PEM
by Peter Metcalf about 4 years ago
The Python Angle
by Matt Davey about 4 years ago

Pavel’s Blog


Pavel blogs about a variety of software development topics. He covers debugging, multithreading, parsing, and much more.

IT and Finance Blog


This is way more of an IT than a finance blog. While the posts are on a variety of IT topics, there are enough articles on coding to keep C++ programmers interested.

Django Web Development


If you want a good reference for various computer engineering and programming, this is a great blog to add to your bookmarks. It is informative, easy to follow format, and has great information.

Extreme Design Studio


Useful Resources for PC & Web Development such as Web Tutorials, Brushes, Icons, WordPress Themes and Tricks, Great Firefox Add-ons, Beautiful Wallpapers and many many more!

Align Center Images in WordPress with Paragraphs
by Dan Doicaru almost 4 years ago
Responsive Tables with CSS
by Dan Doicaru almost 4 years ago

Admire The Web


Admire The Web - taking the very best in website design and showcasing daily inspiration. We inspire you to create and innovate quality web design.

Fearon Hay
by Admire the Web over 2 years ago
by Admire the Web over 2 years ago

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Web Development and Web Design Blog


A very useful blog on web development and web design services.