Welding Tips and Tricks


This blog is a great place to start your journey into welding. There's information for both beginners and advanced welders, articles on tig welding, mig welding, and even welding safely.

TIG Welding basics part 3
almost 4 years ago
Welding Helmets and a few Tips and Tricks
almost 4 years ago

Welding Tips and Projects Blog


This blog not only amasses a wealth of information, but does so in a succinct manner. There are even featured projects to guide any novice into welding mastery.

Sep 16, Adjustable Campfire Grill Plans
almost 4 years ago
Sep 13, Trailer Tips and Questions!
almost 4 years ago

Weld It Right


This blog is chock-full of welding information and a great resource for all metalworkers. Straight-forward and easy to navigate.

The World of Fabrication


A visually exciting and informative site devoted to all sorts of metalwork and fabrication, including but not limited to welding.

Electrician Talk


So you want to talk “electrician talk” then go to Electrician Talk.com. Here you will find electrical forums, various electrical trade topics, all about equipment and tools. There tips on safety and even a community center to chat, chat and chat about issues.



eLocalElectriciansBlog touts itself as “The Nation’s #1 Directory of Electricians.” With some terrific resource information, awesome links for finding those supplies and all their articles with excellent advice and groovy tips – we tend to believe them.

Materials & Welding


A how-to blog which focuses on answering members' most pertinent questions about the craft, not the best for beginners. A mass of information, not organized very neatly. E-mail them for specific questions.

Re: [MW:24411] Fillet weld cracks below 6 mm with suitable NDT.
by BR over 2 years ago
[MW:24411] RE: Material Certificate & test requirements
by BR over 2 years ago

Welding & Gases Today Editor's Blog


Although this site offers a good amount of welding knowledge, the blog is not consistently updated, it's the "Official Journal of the Gases and Welding Distributor's Association."

Todd Fun


While not devoted exclusively to welding, the author of this blog is an engineering/electronics mastermind who offers countless projects-- with or without welding, you'll enjoy this man's craftiness.

HackRF on Sky Loop Antenna and Talented Balun
by Todd Harrison over 3 years ago
Name Of The Game Part 2 of 2 – Tear Down and Video Voodoo Repair
by Todd Harrison over 3 years ago

Robot Worx Welding Division


Learn about the booming use of robots in the welding industry here. Readers can also discover just how sophisticated humans need to be in order to operate them properly.

Jim Aderhold's Welding and Metalworking Hobby


A beautiful new website that is beginning to accumulate multiple features on the art of welding. Check "School of the Hard Knocks" for the author's most pertinent tips on getting started.

RF Welding Blog


All about RF (Radio Frequency) Welding, this is a highly-specialized blog is operated by ONEX RF Automation, which "specializes in the design and manufacture of manual and automated RF sealing systems for medical device, automotive and other manufacturing industries."

Welders News


Operated by Everlast Power Equipment, this site offers tips and tricks of the trade. Unfortunately the articles are a little too short to be completely thorough, and the blue-on-green font of the article titles are difficult to read.

Hot Plate Welding of Thermoplastics


Not for beginners, this blog outlines highly specialized information. The great thing about it is if you don't see the information you're looking for, you're encouraged to send in your question. Unfortunately the site looks like it hasn't been updated for a couple years.

Welding Helmet Boss Blog


With a sparse amount of entries (only two so far!), this blog, simply put, is about welding safety. A good resource for beginners.

Martin's Welding Blog


An excellent resource for metalworkers with an easily-navigated site format. Consistently updated and remarkably comprehensive. For both beginners and professionals. Aluminum Welding, Arc Welding, Brazing Weld, Flux Cored Welding, Mig Welding, Nickel Welding, Stainless Steel Welding, Stick Welding, Tig Welding, Titanium Welding

Welding Sticks. 1 8
by admin about 4 years ago
Welding Glasses Shade 5
by admin about 4 years ago

Welding Schools Headquarters


This is the place to go if you're interested in beginning a career in welding. While it doesn't detail specific techniques, it accumulates a mass of information on careers, courses, and certifications in welding.

Welder World


A comprehensive and well-organized site with 4000+ registered users. The articles are well-written, detailed and countless.

Driftopia Tech Blog


This blog may not be all about welding, but check out the article entitled "Welding 101" for basics and "Welding the S13 Differential (The Perfect Practice Diff)" for detailed instructions on a special project.

Welding Job Search Tips


With only about a dozen articles, this site is not dedicated to welding proper, but to people looking for a job in the industry.