The Lazy Vegetarian


Simple, straight-forward recipes and menu suggestions for the reluctant veggie gourmet. Vibrant, mouthwatering photography and lots of creative suggestions for menu planning.

Red Chillies


This homespun vegetarian recipe blog ranks among our top five for its kid-friendly menu and convenient recipe index. Supriya, originally from Bangalore, India, shares a dizzying variety of cultural delights from her own kitchen in stylish fashion.

Chutney Pudi /Spice Powder for Idli or Dosa
by redchillies over 3 years ago
Kadi Pakodi
by redchillies over 3 years ago



Not your average guy. Seattleite Michael Natkin is a software-engineer with a secret life as a gourmet chef and culinary expert. Michael brings his award-winning recipes and culinary techniques to your kitchen via his online recipe gallery.

Homemade Vanilla Wafers – Recipe
by Michael Natkin about 3 years ago
Pomme Rösti
by Michael Natkin over 3 years ago

The Happy Herbivore


Vegan chef Lindsay Nixon posts her personal musings and professional delights. A seasoned professional who walks her talk, Lindsey’s blog is part recipe box and part culinary school.

Herbie of the Week: Jessica C (From a Plant-Based Pregnancy to Raising a Little Herbie!)
by Lindsay S. Nixon over 3 years ago
The Happy Herbivore Website Gets A Makeover!
by Lindsay S. Nixon over 3 years ago

The Post Punk Kitchen


Post-Punk Kitchen is one of the best food blogs out there, vegetarian or otherwise. Born as a sort of video test-kitchen, PPK has evolved into a popular resource for creative vegetarian cooking.

Brussel Sprout Fried Rice
by IsaChandra over 4 years ago
Seitan & Waffles With Pomegranate Syrup
by IsaChandra over 4 years ago

The Picky Eater


This veggie poster started her blog as a way to share healthy recipes and tips while recording her adventures experimenting with making meals her husband would also enjoy cooking healthy meals that my husband would enjoy. It has evolved into a lifestyle blog with a focus on health--with a personal touch.

Giveaway: An Exclusive Chef’s Pan from All Clad ($99.95 value!)
by Anjali @ The Picky Eater over 2 years ago
Gluten Free, Vegan Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies
by Anjali @ The Picky Eater over 2 years ago

The New Vegetarian


Acclaimed culinary expert and cookbook author Robin Asbell hosts what amounts to an online cooking school. Her articles and recipes have appeared in publications like Health Magazine, Today’s Health and Wellness Magazine, and Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. Tons of cooking and nutrition tips.



"When Veggie met Meatie"--a vegetarian's survival guide to keeping it green when your better half keeps shouting 'where's the beef???" This insightful blogger approaches meal planning with a sense of humor and an iron oven mitt. Lots of fun and lots of good ideas.

every last bite
by noreply@blogger.com (the happy family) over 4 years ago
as american as apple pie
by noreply@blogger.com (the happy family) almost 5 years ago

The Traveling Chef


Mary Lawrence is a trained chef and culinary expert who has made it her personal mission to live and eat in harmony with the world around her. She owns and operates Well on Wheels, a personal chef/catering business on the east coast. For gourmet recipes anyone can manage, this is the place.

Recipe: Spiced Raw Vegan Wraps with Sweet Onion Dressing
by Mary Lawrence over 2 years ago
Intro to a WFPB Diet Class
by Mary Lawrence over 2 years ago

Hema's Blog


Recipes are cooked by me or by my family members.

Amu's Recipes


This blog features a collection of traditional Maharashtrian recipes. You will also find some new and innovative experimental recipes in this blog

Bora (बोरं)
by Amarendra over 2 years ago
Mawa Modak
by Amarendra almost 3 years ago

That Pesky Vegetarian


A blog dedicated to helping you figure out what to feed that pesky vegetarian in your life!

Daksha's vegetarian recipes world


I have too many interests , I love cooking, but i don't like to cook same food every day, when i came to Thailand with my husband i have enough time to learn and fulfill my all interests, so i try to make different type of dishes and come out with some good dish.this experience encourage me to try more and sharing with my friends. As i believe that "knowledge increases by sharing" . i also learn knitting, embroidery (I thanks to my google guru i didn't know abcd of Knitting,Crotch. ), watching TV, reading. I also manage the usual roles (wife, mother, sister, daughter) reasonably well…naturally, I am not on top all the time. I do the best I can…I feel strongly about equal opportunities for all.

Eggless Fruit Cake
by Daksha over 2 years ago
Garlic Lassi ( Lasaniyo Matho)
by Daksha over 4 years ago

Holistic Gals Thinny Recipes


Holistic Gals 'Thinny' Recipes! Here you will find healthy 'Thinny' Vegan and Vegetarian recipes! I am also a Nutritional Consultant, so if you have any nutrition questions, please feel free to post them on my Nutritional Q&A page! I enjoy the medicinal benefits of herbs, and what better way to incorporate them into your daily life, then by cooking with them!

What I Eat


What I eat on Engine 2. No meat, dairy or oil.

All-American Vegetarian


My blog is recipe-based, but I also share my favorite products, favorite websites, online articles, family life...just about anything goes. I love finding recipes and putting an All-American Vegetarian twist to them. Our family is a mix of eaters. I follow a plant-based diet (not strict vegan), my children are vegetarians, and my husband is supportive and appreciative. We want to live with awareness and raise our children to be generous, thoughtful and kind.

Oishii Treats


I am a staff sergeant stationed in Japan, trying to survive in the military as a vegetarian. I love trying to come up with new ways to make original meat dishes into vegetarian meals.

Kabocha Squash Coffee Cake
by Oishii Treats almost 5 years ago