Bayit and Garden


This is my vegan recipe blog. Whenever I create new recipe, I write about it in my blog. I've been a vegan now for 23 years and I am very creative. Besides being vegan, my recipes are diabetes friendly and very healthy.

Veggie Lasagna
by compugraphd over 2 years ago
If They're Nut Latkes, What are They?
by compugraphd over 2 years ago

Eating for . . .


Recipes by a vegetarian mama on a diet with an emphasis on healthy and low-cost ingredients. Visit me!

Padhus Kitchen


Easy to cook Indian Vegetarian Recipes both South Indian and North Indian dishes, step by step cooking instructions, Everyday recipes, Indian festival recipes, recipes for beginners, baking recipes with pictures.

Polenta with Lentils-Indian Style Polenta Recipe
by Padhu Sankar over 2 years ago
Soya Keema Cutlets-Soya Chunks Cutlet Recipe
by Padhu Sankar over 2 years ago



blog for healthy food, household tips, hobbies like cooking, reading. writing

Coriander Kitchen


A healthy vegetarian and vegan food blog with easy recipes that your family will love. I focus on incorporating super foods and healing spices into everyday cooking. My meal solutions are quick and take into account your busy lifestyle without compromising flavour.

Fire Creek Coffee – Sedona, Arizona
by lily over 4 years ago
Stella Artois Cidre
by lily over 4 years ago

Clouds Moving In


Clouds is where I write about topics that I am passionate about - eg vegetarianism, animal rights, the environment, consumerism, shopping.

Dear world
by roughseasinthemed over 2 years ago
Simple sexism
by roughseasinthemed over 2 years ago

Food for art, heart and thought


Our blog is about food for art meaning cooking as an art , food for heart meaning healthy food and food for thought meaning food that enables the brain to start working, thereby making life move ahead....

Meat Free Recipes and Meals.com


Easy to follow, illustrated vegan and vegetarian recipes that are suitable for cooks at every level.

Py + Plate


Food for foodies. Just without the meat. Recipe and anecdotes; cheese and butter. Take a look. It's worth it.

Mama's Blissful Bites


Wonderful healthy family meals with not so healthy desserts to finish the day - I call it balance :)

Vegetarian Hates Vegetables


Do you think you hate vegetables? You could be wrong. I was! VHV serves as a means to save and share the recipes that have transformed my diet and body, and have taught me to appreciate all of the wonderful veggies this world has to offer.

My Life & Spice


This is a blog about mainly my cooking, with some tid bits and nostalgia thrown in. Look at it as a cooking amateur's attempt to get healthy, home cooked meals on the family table. I learn as I feed; and I write to share the joy my family brings me.

Tidings of 2015: and a Salute to 2016
by Deepika Jain over 2 years ago
Daily Dinner (21): Weekend Indulgence - Paalak ki Poorie
by Deepika Jain almost 3 years ago

Peace, Love, Quinoa


My goal in writing this blog is not only to create a memoir of my journey, and to stay on track but also to inspire others to live a more healthy & peaceful life.



AMBROSIA is the outcome of my love for healthy,simple vegetarian cooking and baking using whole wheat and multi- grains in my food and bakes. My blog also has a detailed description of garden herbs, their health benefits and uses.

Custard Apple Cake
by Namita Tiwari over 2 years ago
Orange Peel Dark Chocolates
by Namita Tiwari over 2 years ago

Simple. Easy. Vegetarian!


The goal of my blog is to be unlike the other vegetarian (and food) blogs out there. I don't find much time, or energy, to cook all the time. I will have some recipes, but what I want to highlight is the easiness of being a vegetarian. I will show some very simple (but delicious) recipes, plus tips to becoming and staying a vegetarian with out too much effort. I will show you guys the best vegetarian food brands, and most importantly, how to eat like a meat-eater without eating any meat.

by LittleMonsterx14 about 4 years ago
Roasted Broccoli, Kale, and Chickpeas with Ricotta
by LittleMonsterx14 about 4 years ago

Veggie Runners


A mother and daughter team up to provide incredibly delicious vegetarian recipes for fuelling your day, whether that includes running marathons or running to the shops!

26 Ways Skiing is exactly like Training for a Marathon
by Bibi Rodgers over 3 years ago
Refresh Yourself With A Micro-Break
by Jayne Rodgers over 3 years ago

vysyas Delicious Recipes


This is an Indian recipe blog. This blog is designed to explore the recipes of vysyas with lots of Dosa's and Upma varieties.Some of the recipes are mainly focussed for bachelors and office goers.recipes are posted with its nutritive values.I hope everyone enjoy the delicious recipes along with its nutritive values.