Busy Vegetarian Mom


quick, easy and healthy vegetarian recipes. Perfect for busy families trying to eat right, minus the meat! Bon Voy Veggie!



Green & healthy living, gardening & nature, cooking, food & dining: this blog is about living well, being green, and thriving!

Baby essentials for the first few months
by bounteous over 4 years ago

Becca's Green Kitchen


Becca's Kitchen is my healthy vegetarian recipe blog. I try to create dishes are simple, plant-centered, and nourishing. My philosophy? I enjoy food that is good in every sense of the word: richly health-honoring, cruelty-free and environmentally conscious, and, of course, delicious.

Fruit and Nut Bars
by Becca's Green Kitchen over 4 years ago
Quick Chard Wraps with Apple, Zucchini, and Gorgonzola
by Becca's Green Kitchen over 4 years ago

Family Food Finds


This blog was created to share my family's favorite vegetarian seasonal meals, snacks, and healthy products for kids and adults. We shop the local organic farm and post our weekly menu using fresh local produce, product and restaurant reviews, recipes, and more to help families live a healthy, sustainable life.



My youngest son refuses to eat vegetables. In fact, he has not eaten a single vegetable (in solid form) in over a year. So I’m a mom on a mission: a veggie mission. I’m going to try and get him to eat and love his vegetables by December 31st. Can I do it? The odds are against me, but I’m going to try as many different veggie recipes as I can in the next 8 months. Why not try them with me?



A website featuring simple recipes of day to day cooking, healthy Indian recipes,easy and quick snacks,and vegan recipes.All the recipes are with detailed pictures.

by Aruna Manikandan over 2 years ago
by Aruna Manikandan over 2 years ago

Veggie Bento


Cute, bento-inspired vegetarian school lunches for my preschooler, with occasional product reviews and giveaways

Veggie Bento Love


I love to make lacto-ovo vegetarian bentos and fill my son's Goodbyn with vegetarian treats too. Every now and then, I manage to sneak a vegetarian bento into my omni husband too.

So long, and thanks for all the cupcakes!
by veggiebentolove over 4 years ago
So long, and thanks for all the cupcakes!
by veggiebentolove over 4 years ago

Greens and Coffee Beans


I'm a vegetarian, health nut, college student, navigating my way through life and the college dining hall

Inspiring, Creating, Changing


My blog is all about my life as a growing teen, a lover of creativity and innovation, healthy living, and striving towards eating disorder recovery.

Mira's Talent Gallery


Presenting you a wide range of Indian Vegetarian dishes viz., authentic Traditional recipes, Sweets, desserts, Soups, Starters, Main course, etc. Check out my book of culinary spells to enjoy the aroma of Indian Spices and Food.

Chakka Varatti Jackfruit Preserve Jackfruit Jam Phanas Halwa
by Mira about 3 years ago
Raw Mango Rice / Managa Sadam / Kachi Kairi Chaval
by Mira about 3 years ago

The Kale Project


Let's bring kale to Paris, France! Who's with me? Can you believe kale is not grown or sold in France? I'm an American expat who wants to change that and bring kale to France. Follow the journey from farm to market to fork! http://thekaleproject.com/

Bonjour Kale
by Kristen over 2 years ago
Viktualienmarkt | Munich
by Kristen over 2 years ago

PlanetBIO Europe


PlanetBIO is a company that sells organic and vegan superfood. We also educate people about eating (more) healthy and how and why to use superfoods. In our blog you can find description about superfoods, recipes for smoothies, juices, salads, pastries, cakes and more.

Top 5 recipes with … chia seeds
by Eva Žontar about 4 years ago
5 facts you didn’t know about … goji berries
by Eva Žontar about 4 years ago

Realistic UK Vegetarian


UK based ovo-lacto veggie blog written by a veggie of 26 years, hoping to provide a practical view on vegetarianism in the UK. Recipes and ranting.

Halloween, Blackpool, Nakd Wholefoods Bars
by loveonice over 4 years ago
Simple Bean and Pasta Soup
by loveonice over 4 years ago

Plant-Based Cooking


Tasty and nutritious plant-based recipes. Lead a healthier, happier life. Learn how to tweak your eating habits and strengthen your resolve to gain optimum health and reduce your consumption of meat.

Raspberry Jello
over 2 years ago
Creamed Spinach
over 2 years ago

Veggie Tales


We've went vegetarian for the month of August to prove that even the most diligent of meat-eaters can enjoy delicious (and healthy!) vegetarian meals. But we couldn't just stop there! We enjoyed this little experiment so much, we will continue it by adding loads of new vegetarian dishes and posts per week. Have a recipe you'd like us to try? Let us know!!

Finding Vegetarian


I just recently decided to become a vegetarian. Join me in my journey as I travel through different recipes and find out how to be a vegetarian!

Payal's Cafe


SIMPLE AND EASY VEGETARIAN RECIPES FOR ALL THOSE WHO ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT COOKING!! About me - Hi, I am Payal, a foodie by birth, a mother, blogger and a Home Chef. I have always enjoyed cooking as early as my teenage days when I used to help my mother in the kitchen. But, it is only after marriage and thereafter living abroad with my husband, I came to realize my passion for cooking. I quit my 6 year long career in marketing, communications and journalism to be a full time mom. It was my husband who encouraged me to start this blog and I can't thank him enough for all the motivation and support. The most amazing part about this blog is sharing recipes with the multicultural readers around the world and receiving their feedback and comments. My inspiration has been celebrity chef Ina Garten and her best-selling cookbook, 'The Barefoot Contessa'. I like to make Indian vegetarian recipes and love to explore the various cuisnes around the world. My motto is to live and enjoy life to the fullest and believe "there are many wonderful things that will never be done if you do not do them". So my friends, make the best of what you have with you currently and be happy always!!