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This blog has an extensive recipe list to tempt your senses. I love the posts here, very well written, and have been very inspired by the recipes I've found.

(Un)Fruit Cake
by noreply@blogger.com (TheCooker) over 3 years ago
Jampot In My Kitchen
by noreply@blogger.com (TheCooker) over 4 years ago

Hema's Blog


Recipes are cooked by me or by my family members.

Culinary Captures


Blog featuring Vegetarian recipes mostly from India!

Amu's Recipes


This blog features a collection of traditional Maharashtrian recipes. You will also find some new and innovative experimental recipes in this blog

Bora (बोरं)
by Amarendra over 2 years ago
Mawa Modak
by Amarendra almost 3 years ago

Life n Spice


A food blog where you will find tried and tested vegetarian recipes.

That Pesky Vegetarian


A blog dedicated to helping you figure out what to feed that pesky vegetarian in your life!

Diary of a Vegetarian


A blog on food, nutrition, green products, recipes, and book reviews

Daksha's vegetarian recipes world


I have too many interests , I love cooking, but i don't like to cook same food every day, when i came to Thailand with my husband i have enough time to learn and fulfill my all interests, so i try to make different type of dishes and come out with some good dish.this experience encourage me to try more and sharing with my friends. As i believe that "knowledge increases by sharing" . i also learn knitting, embroidery (I thanks to my google guru i didn't know abcd of Knitting,Crotch. ), watching TV, reading. I also manage the usual roles (wife, mother, sister, daughter) reasonably well…naturally, I am not on top all the time. I do the best I can…I feel strongly about equal opportunities for all.

Eggless Fruit Cake
by Daksha over 2 years ago
Garlic Lassi ( Lasaniyo Matho)
by Daksha over 4 years ago

Yummy Vegetarian Delights


Vegetarian and vegan recipes, reviews, articles, giveaways, ebooks.

Holistic Gals Thinny Recipes


Holistic Gals 'Thinny' Recipes! Here you will find healthy 'Thinny' Vegan and Vegetarian recipes! I am also a Nutritional Consultant, so if you have any nutrition questions, please feel free to post them on my Nutritional Q&A page! I enjoy the medicinal benefits of herbs, and what better way to incorporate them into your daily life, then by cooking with them!

What I Eat


What I eat on Engine 2. No meat, dairy or oil.

All-American Vegetarian


My blog is recipe-based, but I also share my favorite products, favorite websites, online articles, family life...just about anything goes. I love finding recipes and putting an All-American Vegetarian twist to them. Our family is a mix of eaters. I follow a plant-based diet (not strict vegan), my children are vegetarians, and my husband is supportive and appreciative. We want to live with awareness and raise our children to be generous, thoughtful and kind.

Oishii Treats


I am a staff sergeant stationed in Japan, trying to survive in the military as a vegetarian. I love trying to come up with new ways to make original meat dishes into vegetarian meals.

Kabocha Squash Coffee Cake
by Oishii Treats almost 5 years ago

Dudette Here!


Looking to stop my chronic headaches and to achieve optimum health through nutrition.

More Than Greens


I'm out to prove that there is so much more to vegetarianism than rabbit food! My little corner of the Internet is filled with recipes, restaurant and product reviews, travel food stories, random musings, rants and opinions, and whatever else I can make even slightly relevant to vegetarianism.

Back to Nature Part Four: Kew Gardens
by More Than Greens over 2 years ago
Wintery Vegan Nut Loaf
by More Than Greens over 2 years ago

Trendy Relish


An Indian Vegetarian Cooking blog with many easy and delicious recipes. The blog features many Andhra vegetarian recipes.