Veg Source


On a mission to leave the world a better place for their children and grandchildren, Jeff and Sabrina Nelson created this blog to spread the word. VegSource is a resource guide and support system for like-minded folks, and a great information station for anyone considering converting to vegetarianism.

What's Your Exercise Routine? (VIDEO)
by Jeff Nelson over 3 years ago
Debunking 80/10/10 (VIDEO)
by Jeff Nelson over 3 years ago

Veg Kitchen


Author Nava Atlas’ guide to a healthy, plant-based lifestyle. You’ll find recipes, kitchen and cooking tips, and other items of interest to vegetarians and vegans.

VegKitchen’s Ashkenazic Passover Favorites
by Nava over 3 years ago
Green Bean Fries
by Nava over 3 years ago

The Happy Cow


A community building site and veggie resource guide with news, forums, and informative articles about the health and humanitarian benefits of a plant-based diet. Looking for a great vegetarian restaurant? Happy Cow also offers a “compassionate eating guide” on the site‘s home page -- essentially a restaurant review site with a global locator built in.

Restaurant Highlight: Mother Earth Sanctuary Cafe
by Cruelty-Free Culture over 4 years ago
Fig-a-licious Vegan Tart (gluten-free)
by trinitybourne over 4 years ago

Vegetarian Like Me


This is a great blog dedicated to creating healthier and more informed vegetarians. Host EJ offers opinions, eco-friendly product reviews and diet/nutrition tips. The most intriguing feature of this blog are the Video Recipe segments.

Thank You! Now You Can Download Your Free Vegetarian Cookbook!
by EJ about 4 years ago
Video Recipes
by avinashup.ims about 4 years ago

The Traveling Vegetarian


Yvonne is a singer-songwriter and aspiring TV host who produces a video blog focused on her vegetarian lifestyle. Lots of informing and entertaining segments on a wide range of topics, including fun for foodies.

The Bean Diet


Bronwyn Schweigerdt, also known as “Fiber-Girl”, is a nutritionist and the author of Free to Eat: the Proven Recipe for Permanent Weight Loss. Her blog advocates the major health benefits of a plant-based diet. A great resource for how to get the most out of vegetarian eating.

Happy. Healthy. Life.


This site hosts the blog of Kathy Palatsky, creator of the healthy food brand Lunch Box Kids. An excellent resource for parents concerned about providing and teaching healthy eating choices to their children. Chock full of easy-to-swallow recipes, wholesome living ideas, and shopping tips.

Wild Blueberry Cranberry Sauce. With Apple, Citrus and Cinnamon. Tastes Like Pie.
by Kathy over 2 years ago
Vitamix 780 Review (Touchscreen Model!) + My How to Choose a Vitamix Guide.
by Kathy over 2 years ago

In The Raw


A self-described 'earth mother', this blogger chronicles her daily journey as she transitions to a raw food diet. One of the more extreme vegetarian disciplines, eating raw requires real creativity in the kitchen, and great recipes. You'll find both here.

Juice Market


This European health and fitness blog covers a huge variety of topics from organic gardening, healthy food prep, recycling, vegetarian eating and health concerns like diabetes and heart disease, and more. Lots of articles on juicing and other veggie eating tips.

Vegan Grub


Author/owner MJ calls her blog "a handy guide for newbie vegetarians, earth warriors, and vegans." MJ offers passionate insights and information for like-minded souls.

true liberation
by vegangrub almost 3 years ago
true liberation
by vegangrub almost 3 years ago

The Vegetarian Wellness Blog


This blog is essentially a guide to better living through supplements, herbs, natural remedies and organically grown foods. Topics cover nutrition, special dietary needs, and how to shop for the best natural produce



This blog is a truly helpful resource for those who are new to vegetarian eating and cooking. Tons of great recipes and practical tips for choosing, storing and preparing fresh foods. Megabeth also provides product and restaurant reviews to help you get the most out of your budget.

Slow-cooked Eggplant and Potatoes
by Megabeth over 4 years ago
Marinated Portobello Torta with Chipotle Mayonnaise
by Megabeth over 4 years ago

Culinary Captures


Blog featuring Vegetarian recipes mostly from India!

Diary of a Vegetarian


A blog on food, nutrition, green products, recipes, and book reviews

Yummy Vegetarian Delights


Vegetarian and vegan recipes, reviews, articles, giveaways, ebooks.

Dudette Here!


Looking to stop my chronic headaches and to achieve optimum health through nutrition.

Busy Vegetarian Mom


quick, easy and healthy vegetarian recipes. Perfect for busy families trying to eat right, minus the meat! Bon Voy Veggie!

Veggie Bento Love


I love to make lacto-ovo vegetarian bentos and fill my son's Goodbyn with vegetarian treats too. Every now and then, I manage to sneak a vegetarian bento into my omni husband too.

So long, and thanks for all the cupcakes!
by veggiebentolove over 4 years ago
So long, and thanks for all the cupcakes!
by veggiebentolove over 4 years ago

Inspiring, Creating, Changing


My blog is all about my life as a growing teen, a lover of creativity and innovation, healthy living, and striving towards eating disorder recovery.

The Kale Project


Let's bring kale to Paris, France! Who's with me? Can you believe kale is not grown or sold in France? I'm an American expat who wants to change that and bring kale to France. Follow the journey from farm to market to fork! http://thekaleproject.com/

Bonjour Kale
by Kristen over 2 years ago
Viktualienmarkt | Munich
by Kristen over 2 years ago