Steve in a Speedo? Gross!


The blogger, Steve Stenzel, trains for triathlons, teaches and is a photographer. he has an impressive race resume page and his dedication to training for the events will inspire you to get out there and run!

Comparing Splits from my Two 2016 Half Marathons
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My Son Doesn't Like It When I Do 25Ks
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Big Daddy Diesel


One of few that believes in everyone, a huge age group supporter and motivational believer that everyone can do this sport

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Update and Other Ramblings
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Tri, Mommy! Tri!


Tri, Mommy! Tri! - Ramblings and musings of a beginner triathlete and experienced mother. Trying to handle it all, train, learn the sport, mommy the kids, work...all on a budget.

Here I am!
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Follow the mumblings of a 40 something year old age group triathlete, who's getting back into the sport after being out of it for 10 years. Mum to 2 young children, juggling training around family, work and life in general.



Were you the small and scrawny geek in school that always got picked last for sports? Were you picked on because you were limited in athletic prowess? So was I! Only through pure determination have I been able to complete marathons, obstacle courses and the mother of them all the IRONMAN Triathlon. Missing the Gene is soon to be a published. I am documenting my continuing adventures in Training and racing here and all the fun I am having.

NYC Marathon 2015: Goof Race Recap
by IronGoof over 2 years ago
NYC Marathon 2015: The Why
by IronGoof over 2 years ago

PATD White Dog & a Blog (Just a Mom Who TRI's)


Blog about a Mom recovering from post partum depression and found that training for triathlons was her correct dose of medicine!

College Tri


We provide useful training tips, product reviews, and race reports with a personal touch. I've been told that my articles are fun and enjoyable to read and provide very useful information.

Nic's Bloggy Blog


My blog is very focused on my running, triathlons, training, rants and race reports. Since recovering from my back surgery in 2008, I truly appreciate every race I participate in; from 'attempting' to be fast, making costumes, high fiving people, helping a struggling runner or take pictures of random things along the course. I run everything from fun 5k's with my families in costume to half ironman distance triathlons.

You Should Stop Running


Disregarding my doctor's advice to stop running, one mile at a time. Chronicling my athletic journey as I give the middle finger to modern medical wisdom. Attempting to get faster with age through #paleo nutrition principles, smart training, and a tempered reckless abandon. Get some!

#Runstreak – 6 Months!
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#HeatmapMonday – March 16, 2015
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The TriGirl Chronicles


The Chronicles of a casual runner turned triathlete and my attempts to cross the finish line of my first IRONMAN.

Seeking Boston Marathon


An average guy with an above average appetite for marathon racing and triathlons. Running my 4th Boston in 2014.

You Signed Up For WHAT?!


You Signed Up For WHAT?! is a blog about the adventures of Cynthia - a runner, triathlete, and working mom of three little kids living in the DC area. She started running 11 years ago as a way to lose weight and be more active, going from her first 5K to a marathon in a year and a half, and losing 43 pounds in the process. Since then she has had three children, run another marathon and numerous half marathons, lost a total of 50 pounds, and achieved a longtime goal of doing a triathlon by age 40 – and is now training for a half Ironman. With a challenging but rewarding job in performing arts management, her work hours are often long and involve weekends, evenings, and international travel, so she is continually walking the tightrope of balance between work, home life, healthy eating, and personal fitness goals. "You Signed Up For WHAT?!" is the standard response Cynthia gets when she tells friends and family about her latest encounter with the “Register Now!” button.