Brendan's Adventures


Titling his site "The World is My Jungle Gym," blogger Brendan is truly gifted at letting his readers experience with him his adventures. The writing is action-packed and scintillating.

We’re Going to Cuba! Join Us!!
by Brendan van Son over 2 years ago
Spending the New Year in Budapest at the Aria Hotel
by Brendan van Son over 2 years ago

Adventures of a Gringa


This twentysomething New Yorker abandoned the Big Apple for a couple of years to taste the flavors of Brazil. Her writing style still carries strong whiffs of the country's vibrant culture.

Boosting Student Exchanges Between Brazil and the U.S.
by Rio Gringa over 3 years ago
In Their Own Words: Rocinha Before and After Pacification
by Rio Gringa over 3 years ago

Tales from the Road


My friend and I are driving from Kentucky to Seattle and back only traveling about 2 hours a day. This blog follows our misadventures and those of the interesting people we meet through photo and video. Enjoy!

Twice Deported


Zoe Ogilvie, perpetual nomad, is once again embarking on a journey abroad. Originally from Australia she has spent the last six years living in the United States and is nearing the end of her OPT work extension. Her blog includes resources for travel abroad as well as thoughts, musings, and poetry on change, travel, and experiences overseas.

Nikka's Notes


Nikka's Notes is a repository of travel tales, reviews, and photos about the Philippines and beyond. It is written by freelance writer and photographer Nikka Corsino.

Children of Kalinga
by nikkacorsino about 3 years ago
by nikkacorsino about 3 years ago

Nins' Travelog


Traveling expat who has the travel bug in her; while working in the Middle East, she travels around the region and take pictures.

Living in the City and in the Country
by Nina over 2 years ago
Is Winter Over?
by Nina over 2 years ago

No Onions Extra Pickles: Art, Travel and San Francisco


No Onions Extra Pickles: Art, Travel and San Francisco is an arts and travel blog by Ashley Gardini, a local art-historian in-training. On No Onions Extra Pickles, Ashley shares artistic adventures in the San Francisco Bay Area and ones from her travels abroad.

A Celebration of Light: Ghent in 2015
by Ashley Gardini about 4 years ago
ArtSmart Roundtable: Making the Most Out of Your Art Museum Experience
by Ashley Gardini about 4 years ago



A blog about a pair's travel adventures around the Philippines and beyond.



Nomadcitizen was born in Germany, raised in Belgium, stayed for a while in England before to settle down in The Netherlands for a while. He is always on the move, catching a flight, running after a train or a bus, after all we are all running after something right ? Having traveling, backpacking a lot, I still feel my journey is not finished yet. Everybody have heroes, I’m a big fan of Tintin, Corto Maltese, Phileas Fogg, Ella Maillard, Eric Newby and many more, they are surely and without any shadows of doubt a clear source of inspiration and help me to understand the meaning of the word “travel”. On top of what has been said above, if you add a zest of curiosity, a zest of passion for great food, a zest of family and a big zest of silliness, you should have an idea of the personality of NomadCitizen.

Zanskar in Winter, a foolish idea ? Maybe but really worths it !
by john willame over 4 years ago
Khor Virap – Geghard – Armenian Monasteries – End of the road
by john willame over 4 years ago

Patrick's Postcards


I'm a writer, photographer and ESL teacher. This blog was originally started to document my life and travels in Poland. It also includes travel writing from The Czech Republic, the UK and anywhere else I end up traveling to.

Castell Coch
by Patrick Widdess almost 3 years ago
by Patrick Widdess over 3 years ago



work | eat | travel | blog Tales of my travels within The Philippines and Asia. I share itineraries, budget/post-trip accounting, and hotel/guesthouse reviews to help people make the most of their vacation the cheapest way possible.

Review: Gaju Suite Hotel, Kathmandu
by Kat over 2 years ago
The Linden Suites: An Ideal Place to Bond with Family and Friends
by Kat almost 3 years ago

Impressions of a gypsy mind


A travel blog recounting the experiences of an Indian girl who is in love with the idea of exploring new cultures, cuisines and landscapes with the help of photography and writing.



ESCapology is about breaking out of the hamsterwheel and travel to adventurous and exotic places. I want to share my experiences, adventures and thoughts while travelling slow and thoroughly. Southeast Asia is the main focus. I also offer practical, general travel tips and reports on surfing, scubadiving and trekking. Come check it out.

ESCapology on Digital Photography School. Improve your Travel Photography
by Phil D. about 4 years ago
Discovering Hue – Crashing a wedding and raiding the Royal Tombs
by Phil D. about 4 years ago

Promdi/City Girl Diaries


The diaries are personal notes of a probinsyana/city girl on seeing her country on a budget, good eats, the quirks on culture, some bits of history and random thoughts about anything under the sun and sometimes, the moon!

The Urge To Wander


To those who can dream, there is no such place as faraway!