Rachel's Rome Writings


Blogger Rachel is an Oxford graduate who studied Classical Archaeology and Ancient History at St. John's College. Her blog benefits immensely from her strong education.

2 Baci in a Pinon Tree


This small blog spot offers a fun and quirky read as we follow blogger Valerie and her everyday experiences in Basilicata, Italy.

My Bella Basilicata
by Valerie over 4 years ago

Alla Rachel


Rachel was once in school for journalism school, but then she dropped out to explore her passion for the culinary arts. She moved to Italy to cook and study and she chronicles her life along the way.

Florence and Tuscany Blog


The Florence and Tuscany Blog offers photos and travel stories from Florence, San Gimignano, Siena, Pisa, and Volterra.

Bella Vita in Liguria


The blog describes itself as tales and tastes from the Italian Riviera. This is an attractive site, filled with good information with a focus on Italian culture and food.

Bleeding Espresso


Bleeding Espresso offers musings on both life and love in southern Italy. It offers a history of Calabria, along with Italian recipes and some good links to travel and culture sites.

Finding Your Own Path via WTF
by michelle almost 4 years ago
A Village in Mourning
by michelle almost 4 years ago

Casa del Cipresso


The blog offers insight into Italian history, architecture, and culture. There is a ton of great content and photos within this blog spot.

White Wine from Southern Italy
by southernitaly over 2 years ago
Aglianico Wine
by southernitaly over 2 years ago

Italian Vacation Blog


The Italian Vacation Blog offers expert opinion on Italian luxury. Within its pages, there offer insight into Italian traditions, fine dining, and everything in between.

How to Avoid a Bad Meal in Italy
by Mara Solomon over 4 years ago
The Principessa and the Positanese
by Mara Solomon over 4 years ago

Melinda Gallo


Blogger Melinda offers an American slant on living in Florence in her blog. There is some solid information here provided by someone in the "know."

Respite brings about renewed vigor
over 4 years ago
Florence is my inspiration and my guide
over 4 years ago

About Abruzzo


The blog offers a look at Abruzzo, Italy, in all its glory. Activities, art, books, events, food & wine, music, travel, weather, and sights are all covered here.

A Few of my Favourite Things
by Noel over 2 years ago
When is a Bus Stop not a Bus Stop?
by Noel over 2 years ago

Aglio, Olio, E Peperoncino


The blog spot offers an interesting look at both food and the culture of Italy. There are great photos, recipes for Italian cooking, and much, much more.

Healing with food, Italian style
by Eleonora Baldwin over 2 years ago
Traveling with Kids
by Eleonora Baldwin over 2 years ago

An American in Italy


A fantastic blog, An American in Italy offers insights into culture, food, travel, and much more within its pages.

Amici degli Uffizi
by Karen over 2 years ago
Salaam Bombay-Indian Restaurant
by Karen over 2 years ago

Blog from Italy


This is an all encompassing blog spot featuring Italian news, design, travel, food, and everything else the reader could possibly want.

Urbania – Gelato, Opera and Flowers
by A Guest over 2 years ago
The Italian Word Così – So Revealing
by Alex Roe over 2 years ago

Frutto Della Passione


Culture and food come together in the Frutto Della Passione blog. While its focus is Italian cooking, it makes time for other interesting topics as well.

How to Italy


How to Italy offers insights and recommendations for creating a dream life in the country. There's much content and it's actually quite helpful to the reader.



The blogger has been writing about Italy for over a decade. Her posts cover topics such as best places to live, history of the cities, and culinary items, among much more interesting and lively content.

The Fortress of San Leo and Its Torture Chamber
by Melanie Renzulli over 2 years ago
Church of Purgatorio in Terracina
by Melanie Renzulli over 2 years ago



The blogger writes about his experiences growing up Italian in Massachusetts, living and working in Bologna, and visiting his family's farm in Calabria.

Living Venice


Everything Venice is covered within these blog pages. Dining, eating, how to get around, and many other topics make for nice articles on the city.

The Triumphant return of the Trionfo
by Living Venice about 3 years ago
Saturday morning, off the bow…
by Living Venice about 3 years ago

Napoli Unplugged Blog


The blog combines food, culture, and Napoli for an interesting overall experience. There's a lot of good information here, with great cooking tips to boot.

Have a Holly Jolly Naples Weekend
by Holly Willmott about 4 years ago
Emma Limited Edition – Emma in concert
by Holly Willmott about 4 years ago