Europe a la Carte


Founded by Karen Bryan, this blog is an extensive resource for anyone traveling in Europe. With a team of writers, they have covered many of Europe's destinations. Their travel guides include insights into the culture and history of different cities, as well as tips for travelers on a budget.

Review of Roca Negra Hotel & Spa in Agaete, Gran Canaria
by Karen Bryan over 4 years ago
Some Good Late Availability Deals on Travelzoo
by Karen Bryan over 4 years ago

Wandering Italy


Wandering Italy offers readers an inside look at everything Italy. Food, festivals, news, travel, tips, restaurants, and general history make up this wonderful blog spot.

How Big is Italy?
by James Martin over 2 years ago
Outlet Mall Food
by James Martin over 2 years ago

Euro Bookings


Euro Bookings is an all encompassing travel site. It has a nice, extended section on Italy that provides solid information for those visiting.

Understanding Italy


The site says it provides everything the reader would ever want to know about Italy. And they weren't kidding -- This is a fantastic, bigger blog spot/website that offers a little bit of everything for the reader.



Blogger Laura offers Italian cooking knowledge within her blog pages. She lives in California, but grew up in Venice and is now a pastry chef.

Bread Baking Buddies:Brioche Snowflake
by Laura over 3 years ago
Turkey and Kale Salad
by Laura over 3 years ago

Never a Dull Day in Poland


Follow the excursions of one entire family, kids included, as they learn to adapt to the new culture, food, and traditions of Polish living. Since the blog documents the experiences everyone in the family, there is sure to be something for everyone in this blog!

Homes for Holiday


Providing information on things to do in the UK, where to stay, the best of UK cities, towns and villages. High focus on holiday homes!

Discover the Czech Republic


A well Kept Secret Discover The Czech Republic is a blog all about the Czech Republic by an ExPat living in Brno. Most people know of Prague. Its a tourist destination already famed for its culture, architecture, sights and beauty. Many people have already visited Prague. But few know much about the rest of this small but beautiful country. Outside of Prague the visitor will stumble upon small towns and villages rich with history, charm and character. Along the way, they will meet fairytale castles amidst tree covered hills and lakes. Each small town will boast something of interest for the visitor whether it be the town square, local cuisine or beer. Not to see the Czech Republic outside of Prague is a mistake many visitors make. So escape with me, your host, and discover the beauty of the true Czech Republic away from the MacDonalds and English language signs of Prague. Visit this country through the eyes of an American/British expatriate who has fallen in love with this amazing country. Discover the Czech Republic with me…

Concrete Statues of the Zdar Area
by Gary Vasey about 4 years ago
More Czech Paradise….
by Gary Vasey over 4 years ago



Three years ago we left Texas for Germany. This is the story of our adventure. The love and trials traveling Europe, raising kids abroad, drinking beer, eating chocolate and trying to make sense of it all.... Part photo blog, part travel blog, part mommy blog, some crafty, some thrifty, some art-y. It is, like my life (and house), frequently messy and difficult to define.

Beach Babes
by Megan over 2 years ago
Happy Birthday, Nicholas!
by Megan almost 3 years ago

Living in a City that I Can't Pronounce


My attempt to share my 8 month adventure as I live and play professional volleyball in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

almost 5 years ago

It's About the Journey


I am an expat mom of two, navigating the ups and downs of all that Europe has to offer.

Looking through the Eyes of Hermes


photography blog of the places I have been, inspirational blog.

Chino House


Expat Family Living in Europe and experiencing the world through the outdoors and yummy food. Adventures will abound.

Snapshots of Mauritius
by Alison about 4 years ago
A Story about a 1D Concert
by Alison about 4 years ago