Bart's Travel Blog


If you're looking for a legitimate Latin America expert, you'll want to bookmark Bart's page. His knowledge on the region overflows through every post written.

Medellin Living


Travel in Colombia, especially for Americans, can be seen and dangerous, not worth it. This blog, honest with you about the facts, also shows a bunch of beautiful things about the country.

Mahavir Kmina: Give the Gift of Mobility This Holiday Season
by Nick Milne over 3 years ago
Vía Primavera and Vía Provenza: Boutique Shopping in La Zona Rosa
by Leah Davis over 3 years ago

The Arepa


This fun and vibrant magazine-blog is all about the ins and outs of life in Colombia. Reading this site will keep you as in the know as the country's citizens.

Jack Radio #190 ft. Alvaro Llerena Martinez
by JackBlog about 4 years ago
Jack Radio #189 ft. De Juepuchas
by JackBlog over 4 years ago

The Jungle Princess


Blogger Abbey is not an actual princess, but her blog reports her feelings of living the high and beautiful life from Nicaragua.

Hello world!
by admin over 2 years ago
Daydream: Rural Calistoga
by Abby almost 4 years ago

La Gringa's Blogicito


An expatriate lady currently living in Honduras makes an excellent case for visiting the country. Its crises aside, this blogger promotes this country's zesty elements.

For email Blogicito readers
by noreply@blogger.com (La Gringa) almost 4 years ago
How to harvest cinnamon
by noreply@blogger.com (La Gringa) almost 4 years ago

Roatan Vortex


This blogger will have you chanting that Roatan, Honduras deserves to be your next travel destination. Her post, Things That Pulled Me In, did just that to us when reading it.

David Lida


Mexico City, one of the most populated metropolises in the world, is really not as well-known as other similarly-sized cities. Blogger David amends that discrepancy.

Sex positive
by admin about 3 years ago
What I do when I am not writing
by David Lida about 3 years ago

A Canuck in Cancun


This Canadian blogger knew that Cancun would be the best remedy for the frost of her homeland. She argues for Cancun to be seen as a place for the young at heart, not just the young and drunk.

My Cancun as an Airtransat Expert Expat - Video
by noreply@blogger.com (CancunCanuck) over 2 years ago
Un Paso Mas Por Lesly - One More Step for Lesly
by noreply@blogger.com (CancunCanuck) over 2 years ago

Roads Less Traveled


The bilingual travel writer and blogger has opted to travel the length of Latin America. Such a daring adventure has already resulted in writing of the highest caliber.

Helmut, the German medicine man
by Tracy over 4 years ago
Behind the Scenes: What Wirikuta Fest fans bought with their tickets
by Tracy over 4 years ago

New World Review


The best of Latin American culture seems to turn up on this blog on a regular basis. Boost up your knowledge, especially, of food and drink with this site's posts.

Astrid y Gastón Casa Moreyra: One Week Before Opening
by Nicholas Gill over 4 years ago
Panama City’s Mercado de Mariscos & Municipal Pier
by Nicholas Gill over 4 years ago



The British blog concentrates on the pleasures and promises of Central America. In particular, it offers coverage of its interesting and enormous highway system.

PSX_20140920_185322 [Flickr]
by Richard Arghiris almost 4 years ago
PSX_20140921_124553 [Flickr]
by Richard Arghiris almost 4 years ago

Hogar Luceros


This blog represents an excellent C.A. travel program located in the heart of Nicaragua. The writing exposes you to the truth of an existence there.

The Panama Gringo


It cannot have been easy at first for this typical American to fully transition into Panamanian society. But this blog indicates the transition to have been very very fruitful.

Voting Overseas for United States
by Jackie over 4 years ago
Panama Tops International Living’s Best Places to Retire List
by The Big Gringo over 4 years ago

Tim's El Salvador Blog


El Salvador, though tiny in comparison to some other L.A. lands, packs a punch for adventuresome travelers. Tim writes charmingly all about the little country that could, and can.

D'Aubuisson: No street will carry your name!
by Tim over 3 years ago
Dramatic images of El Salvador's civil war
by Tim over 3 years ago