A Hungry Girl's Guide to Taipei


Looking for good food while traveling in Taipei? This LA native's blog will provide you with an extensive list of places to try out. Every type of cuisine is included in this bloggers recommendations, complete with ratings for kid-friendliness and price.

japanese/sushi: i recommend IZUMI BY SUMI 湶
by joanh over 3 years ago
french/crepes: i recommend LA CREPERIE
by joanh over 3 years ago

Urban Travel Blog


With twenty city guides, each featuring a different city, you will not run out of ideas for places to visit. Posts on this blog include topics like "The Best Cocktail Bars in Paris" and a Photo Tour of the Luxembourg Fortress.

Cool Things To Do in Rio de Janeiro
by Duncan Rhodes over 4 years ago
Rio: The Storm Before The Storm
by Duncan Rhodes over 4 years ago

Invisible Paris


Dedicated to finding sites that are off the typical path, "Invisible Paris" includes a guided walking tour of Paris that you can download for your iPhone or Windows phone. This will take you past the typical tourist attractions and into a side of Paris not usually seen

The Smallest House in Paris
by Adam over 2 years ago
Paris...à contre-jour
by Adam almost 3 years ago

The Dehli Walla


If you will be traveling to Delhi in the near future, The Delhi Walla is the ultimate resource for you. By featuring alternative Delhi attractions and food, this blog will help any traveler get to the best locations the area has to offer.

Atget’s Corner – 76-80, Delhi Photos
by The Delhi Walla about 4 years ago
Atget’s Corner – 71-75, Delhi Photos
by The Delhi Walla about 4 years ago



This is a blog tended to by three guys drinking their way through Barcelona's best bars and writing reviews along the way. This blog includes a helpful rating system of 1-5 for how much they enjoyed the bar, as well as 1-5 euros as a guide to pricing. Check out their top ten for a quick guide to the best nightlife the city has to offer.

by DrinkBCN over 3 years ago
drinkBarcelona Bar Map
by DrinkBCN over 3 years ago

Lil'Fel Rocks the World


This Toronto native is traveling the globe, and creating indie guides for each city she stays. The blog is full of unique ideas for travel and is intensely readable. Easy to navigate guides come in a variety of topics, like vintage shopping, cheap eats, and partying, for places like Paris, Indonesia, the US and more.

Indie Guide Thailand: Luxury Catamaran Party around Bangkok
by Felicia Moursalien over 3 years ago
Indie Guide to Thailand: Jungle Trekking in Chiang Mai
by Felicia Moursalien over 3 years ago

Boston Beer Bars


This guide to Boston's pubs, bars, liquor stores and festivals has descriptions of new bars in the area as well as good places to go for handcrafted beer tastings. Check out the "beer guides" tag to find guides to beer in Prague and Paris as well.

Madrid Is User-Friendly


"Madrid is User-Friendly" is an insiders guide to this Spanish City. This blog includes a helpful guide to the cities restaurants, historical information on local events and holidays, as well as traveling tips to get you in and around the city.

Pedro del Hierro inscribes words of encouragment on Vicente del Bosque´s jacket!
by Madrid is user friendly- tourism in Madrid about 4 years ago
The Jozami Collection at the Lazaro Galdiano Museum
by Madrid is user friendly- tourism in Madrid over 4 years ago

Tom's China Blog


While teaching in China, this blogger has been able to learn a great deal about Chinese culture. This insightful blog is a good introduction to the country, and includes guides to six different Chinese cities as well as a guide on how to travel the country by train.

Hello world!
by admin over 2 years ago

Isabelle's Travel Guide


Born out of this blogger's frustration with not being able to find essential travel information all in one place, "Isabelle's Travel Guide" has sought to fill the void. With organized lists tips for getting into the area, places to stay, shop, and eat and how to get the best deals, this blog is a helpful resource for anyone planning a trip.

12 Ways To Help You Plan A Road Trip
by Isabelle almost 5 years ago
10 Places to Visit in Ireland
by Isabelle almost 5 years ago

The Mija Chronicles


When this Texan native moved to Mexico City, she began a culinary tourism business. Through this blog she is able to convey to readers all of the Mexican City restaurants she recommends.

The pozole and the giant pig’s head
by Lesley Tellez about 4 years ago
Why I’m in love with Mexican pan dulce
by Lesley Tellez over 4 years ago

Miss Expatria


While splitting her time between Italy and France, "Miss Expatria" has documented her travels in this blog. Check out "The Food" tab to see restaurants she recommends in these regions as well as places to stay.

A New Year’s Eve
by Christine over 3 years ago
A New Year’s Eve
by Christine over 3 years ago

A Lady in London


This Californian may live in London, but that doesn't keep her from traveling the world. The places she has been range from Amalfi to Zakopane, and this blog is the witness to it all. Check out the list of places she has been to learn of her experiences in each city.

Lady’s 9 Places to Travel in a Leap Year – and a Few to Avoid!
by A Lady in London over 2 years ago
Lady’s Best Places to See Snowdrops in Britain
by A Lady in London over 2 years ago

Lost City


Lost City is a blog dedicated to examining the history of New York's vintage buildings and signs. Each post is infused with a love for Old New York and an appetite for discovery. Check out the list of "Lost Landmarks" and lament the loss of these forgotten landmarks.

Oyster Bar Neon Sign Found on Delancey
by Brooks of Sheffield almost 4 years ago
New Photo of Cariero's Restaurant
by Brooks of Sheffield almost 4 years ago

Wandering Italy


Wandering Italy offers readers an inside look at everything Italy. Food, festivals, news, travel, tips, restaurants, and general history make up this wonderful blog spot.

How Big is Italy?
by James Martin over 2 years ago
Outlet Mall Food
by James Martin over 2 years ago

Rachel's Rome Writings


Blogger Rachel is an Oxford graduate who studied Classical Archaeology and Ancient History at St. John's College. Her blog benefits immensely from her strong education.

2 Baci in a Pinon Tree


This small blog spot offers a fun and quirky read as we follow blogger Valerie and her everyday experiences in Basilicata, Italy.

My Bella Basilicata
by Valerie over 4 years ago

Alla Rachel


Rachel was once in school for journalism school, but then she dropped out to explore her passion for the culinary arts. She moved to Italy to cook and study and she chronicles her life along the way.

Euro Bookings


Euro Bookings is an all encompassing travel site. It has a nice, extended section on Italy that provides solid information for those visiting.

Travel Rants


Travel Rants offer tips for prior to your Italian travel. The blog offers anything and everything that could go wrong with your travel so that you know how to handle such situations.

Why Every Gardener Needs a Garden Shed
by noreply@blogger.com (Ahmed Idmarzoug) almost 3 years ago
Building a Shed with My Shed Plans
by noreply@blogger.com (Ahmed Idmarzoug) almost 3 years ago

Florence and Tuscany Blog


The Florence and Tuscany Blog offers photos and travel stories from Florence, San Gimignano, Siena, Pisa, and Volterra.