Brendan's Adventures


Titling his site "The World is My Jungle Gym," blogger Brendan is truly gifted at letting his readers experience with him his adventures. The writing is action-packed and scintillating.

We’re Going to Cuba! Join Us!!
by Brendan van Son over 2 years ago
Spending the New Year in Budapest at the Aria Hotel
by Brendan van Son over 2 years ago

Hot Avocado


A young rubia, or red-head, decided to leave America and learn how to love a new culture in Chile. Her blog will inspire you to take up similar chutzpah and get into the country.

Hogar Luceros


This blog represents an excellent C.A. travel program located in the heart of Nicaragua. The writing exposes you to the truth of an existence there.

Adventures of a Gringa


This twentysomething New Yorker abandoned the Big Apple for a couple of years to taste the flavors of Brazil. Her writing style still carries strong whiffs of the country's vibrant culture.

Boosting Student Exchanges Between Brazil and the U.S.
by Rio Gringa over 3 years ago
In Their Own Words: Rocinha Before and After Pacification
by Rio Gringa over 3 years ago

Made in Brazil


Brazil is reputed to have one of the most booming economies and cultures in the world right now. Traveling there? Shore up your knowledge on the land here.

The Panama Gringo


It cannot have been easy at first for this typical American to fully transition into Panamanian society. But this blog indicates the transition to have been very very fruitful.

Voting Overseas for United States
by Jackie over 4 years ago
Panama Tops International Living’s Best Places to Retire List
by The Big Gringo over 4 years ago

Ecuador Adventures


This blog will get you to ignore any Ecuadorean info that doesn't come straight from the source. All the writing and advice from this blog is derived directly from the land.

Tim's El Salvador Blog


El Salvador, though tiny in comparison to some other L.A. lands, packs a punch for adventuresome travelers. Tim writes charmingly all about the little country that could, and can.

D'Aubuisson: No street will carry your name!
by Tim over 3 years ago
Dramatic images of El Salvador's civil war
by Tim over 3 years ago

Tainan City Guide


This blog is a one-stop shop for anyone traveling to this Taiwanese city. With directions to and from landmarks and recommendations for places to stay, see and eat, this blogger has created the ultimate resource for tourists to Tainan.

Sad City Hartford


Everything you ever wanted to know about Hartford, Connecticut from a local's perspective. Check out their guide's to "Bad Intersections," "Pay Phones," and "Mexican Food" for a unique perspective of the city.

Europe a la Carte


Founded by Karen Bryan, this blog is an extensive resource for anyone traveling in Europe. With a team of writers, they have covered many of Europe's destinations. Their travel guides include insights into the culture and history of different cities, as well as tips for travelers on a budget.

Review of Roca Negra Hotel & Spa in Agaete, Gran Canaria
by Karen Bryan over 4 years ago
Some Good Late Availability Deals on Travelzoo
by Karen Bryan over 4 years ago

Pesticide: The Daily Dish of Cosmopolitan Budapest Hungary


Pesticide provides a unique mix of tabloid news, political opinion, humor, gossip and tips on local dining and nightlife in Budapest. This site provides a key resource for reaching younger and more dynamic foreign residents and tourists.

Is It Really True You Can’t Take Pictures of Random Naked People on the Street in Hungary Anymore?
by Pestiside Staff over 4 years ago
What the Falk is a Statue of Columbo Doing in Downtown Budapest?
by Erik D'Amato over 4 years ago

The Espresso Break


Barbara's guide to Naples, Italy details the hidden gems of city where she has lived the past three years. She navigates her readers off the typical tourism of Naples with posts like "Ten Overlooked Sights in Naples" and "Saint Patricia's Weekly Miracle."



While traveling in Canada, Latin America and beyond this blogger details experiences in local spas, wineries and restaurants. Posts include pictures of spas, wine, cuisine and links to resources helpful in getting to know new cities and towns.

Tavel: Where rosé is king
by Sharon over 3 years ago
The passion behind White Rose Estate wines
by Sharon over 3 years ago

Mexico City: An Opinionated Guide


As an American who not-so-recently relocated to Mexico City, Jim Johnston is able to detail interesting local events for tourists traveling to Mexico City. From cultural festivals to holidays such as "Flag Day," this blogger is able to impart his vast knowledge of the city upon his reader.

The Five Most Useful Blog Posts of 2015
by The Author over 2 years ago
by The Author over 2 years ago

Starry-Eyed Travels


Starry-Eyed Travels is a blog dedicated to putting enchantment and excitement back into traveling the world. The blogger has dedicated her posts to her experiences while traveling, as well as tips and tricks that only a frequent explorer like herself would know.

Book Review: Night Train to Lisbon
by Katy over 4 years ago
A Lisbon Literature Tour
by Katy over 4 years ago

A Girl's Guide to Seattle


From the city's social detective, comes a blog that is geared towards females, but all about the nightlife that you will find in this great city!

.Fez Guide


Since 2008 .Fez Guide has been discovering the sights and sounds of this Moroccan city. Want to find a Flamenco festival or the best Margherita pizza? .Fez Guide will take you to these places and so much more.

Video Production Company Barcelona Casablanca
by Gatsby almost 3 years ago
De Cama en Cama by Alessandro Ferrando, Literature
by Gatsby over 3 years ago

Lagos City Photos


If you are looking to find out what life is like for the people of Lagos, look no further the Lolade's blog. By capturing images of everyday life in Lagos, visitors to this blog will develop a greater since of the unique culture of this Nigerian city.

#NigeriaDecides: Political campaigns everywhere
by Lolade Adewuyi over 3 years ago
Afropolitan Vibes: Victor Olaiya and Keziah Jones in performance
by Lolade Adewuyi over 3 years ago

Rome City Guide for Kids


We all know that traveling with kids can be a hassle. This blogger takes some of the stress out of traveling with kids by highlighting useful places to go when traveling in Rome with kids. With everything from lists of children clothing stores to guided walks and museum tours that cater to kid's short attention spans, this is good place to start when planning a family trip to Rome.

Best Water Slides and Amusement Parks in Rome
by lolamamma almost 4 years ago
Best Water Slides and Amusement Parks in Rome
by lolamamma almost 4 years ago