Railways of the World


The blogger writes about his love for all things "rail." He speaks from his own opinion and offers great insight along with photos, videos, and links to other railway sites.

Manx Electric Railway
by David about 4 years ago



With a slant towards photography, Dogcaught is a train blog that is both educational and beautiful to look at. While the articles are short and to the point, the pictures are worth the price of admission alone.

Clean Locomotives?
by Steve Eshom over 3 years ago
Updates to the Blog
by Steve Eshom over 3 years ago

Market Street Railway


Market Street Railway is a non-profit and historic preservation partner of the San Francisco Municipal Railway. Information, history, and news is provided on San Francisco's historic cable cars and streetcars.

“Super Bust 50”
by Rick Laubscher over 2 years ago
Muni Heritage Weekend September 24-25
by Rick Laubscher over 2 years ago

Tom Nanos


This blog spot focuses mainly on the photography of trains and railways. The back drop of New England is a main focus, but the blog and its pictures over settings beyond Massachusetts.

Two years in under 8 minutes
by Tom Nanos over 3 years ago
Store Rework and a 2015 SALE!
by Tom Nanos over 3 years ago

California High Speed Rail Blog


A site dedicated to the niche market of the California high speed rail line. The purpose of the blog is to provide correct and timely information on the process in the hopes of seeing the line built as intended.

CHSRA Visualizes Palmdale to LA Segment
by Robert Cruickshank about 4 years ago
Attorney General’s Office Argues HSR Should Be Exempt From CEQA
by Robert Cruickshank about 4 years ago

Model Railroad Trains


Ryan writes about the model railroading community, with news and facts on trains. It's a niche blog that does offer topics out of its main area of Model Trains.

Railway Eye


An entertaining blog site, Railway Eye focuses on England and its transit system. Humor abounds, along with some great and timely information on England's trains.

Can Eye not make this clearer?
by The Fact Compiler about 4 years ago
An end to Asymetric Warfare?
by The Fact Compiler about 4 years ago

Progressive Railroading


Progressive Railroading is an intriguing site, with user donated content on trains. There are sections for multimedia, forums, and places to upload your own train blog online.

Chris Nevard


Chris combines model train work and superb photography into one great blog site. Those looking for a creative slant with their interest in trains have to look no further than Chris' blog.

New Layout!
by Chris Nevard over 2 years ago
by Chris Nevard almost 3 years ago

Caltrain HSR Compatibility Blog


The focus here is on high speed rail trains within California. But the blog goes a little bit deeper, tackling issues like integration with the pre-existing trains as well as the impact on the nearby communities.

Train Control Update
by Clem over 2 years ago
Special Provision SP01040
by Clem over 2 years ago

Model Railroad Hobbyist


The Model Railroad Hobbyist covers all things mini-train related. Posts are well done and the information given is excellent -- The blog is an off-shoot of the Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine.

Cement Distributor...
by JLandT Railroad about 4 years ago
JL&T Railroad Blog - Paper Mill Complex - Build...
by JLandT Railroad about 4 years ago

The Telltale Rail


The Telltale Rail is a blog about the simple pleasures of traveling Europe by train. This is a well done site that offers as much information on travel as it does on trains.

Traveling France by Train: On & Off the Beaten Track
by Amiee about 4 years ago
Tales on Rail: Teresa’s Advice for Future 1st-time European Travelers
by Teresa about 4 years ago

Coxy's N Scale and Railroad Blog


The blogger is a train enthusiast who makes model train sets in his spare time. He blogs about his experiences with n-scale sets.

Erik's Rail News


World rail speed records, union information, news, and updates make up this knowledgeable spot. There is a wealth of information on a variety of topics for train enthusiasts.



FRN calls itself a blog about trains and the people crazy about them. Despite not being active since 2007, the blog still offers 280 relevant and interesting posts about all things trains.

Dan's Train Blog


Dan's model train building blog focuses on layouts, designs, product reviews, and much more. It's a well done site with a ton of pictures and information.

Huelsy's Train Blog


Huesly's blog states that they chase locomotives around the Ohio area. With good pics and interesting information, this is a unique blog spot.