Living to Make Sense of It All


One of the primary goals of anyone living on Earth is to figure out what it's all for. This blog helps you find the ideal mode to discover purpose -- via mediation and calm.

Nancy Love's Weblog


The blogger is a workplace effectiveness consultant and is also an international trainer in workplace mediation and leadership. She inputs her creation, the Pulse Method, into her blog which deals with People Using Language Skills Effectively.

Back to Work
by Dr. Nancy Love about 4 years ago
Love with no regrets…
by Dr. Nancy Love about 4 years ago

Green Your Decor


Here's a guide to stylish, yet sustainable home decorating. Jennae Petersen became personally frustrated in her journey to finding more sustainable home decorating solutions, and determined to do her part to make it easier for other women.

Prep Properly Before Demo for Your Remodel
by jennae over 2 years ago
When to Call a Professional Plumber
by Guest over 2 years ago

Dialogic Mediation Services


Parenting during a mediation is fraught with potential trouble. How will children perceive the divorce, what will they feel their role in it to be, and will the adults emotions be harmful to their offspring are just a few of the significant issues that inevitably arise. Dialogue Mediation Services handles questions like these, and many more in other topics. Read on to be informed.

by 山野辺洋子 almost 3 years ago
by 山野辺洋子 almost 3 years ago

Mediation Matters


In this mediation blog, Steve Mehta tells us how he sees life and careers that people can choose to take. Along the way we learn about mediation.

Adriana Elliot Mediation Blog


Adriana Elliot links to resources in the field of mediation, and explains how to deal with some of the most pressing challenges that mediators and their customers must face. Her taste in subjects is eclectic, but her coverage is as thorough as her topics are broad.

abSolution Mediation


This mediation firm blog looks at mediation with an eye towards the inevitably human parts of practicing and receiving it. Readers can find anything from discussion of picking up one's dog poop after the winter, and how that relates to mediation, to simple diagrams showing more complicated mediation ideas on abSolution Mediation.

Enjoy Mediation


A detective and mediator, this blogger writes primarily to an audience of mediators. He can discuss both the simplest and most difficult and esoteric concepts in mediation with the same efficiency, and for this reason is an excellent choice to read.

IMI 2015 Biennial Census Survey
by Mediator Jeff over 2 years ago
#RenoACR15: Organizational Ombuds- Expand Your Skills
by Mediator Jeff almost 3 years ago



CasaSugar entertains delightfully with what they denote as "insanely addictive content". Their home interiors section features a wide array of DIY eco-friendly home design ideas -great for the creative individual on a budget.

8 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Entertaining Pinterest-Worthy
by Maggie Winterfeldt about 2 years ago
10 Under-the-Radar Decor Shops Design Girls Love
by Anastasia Hendrix about 2 years ago

Green Living Homes


Here's a website totally committed to green living in every walk of life. Their blog posts on the home offers valuable tips such as "Restoring Furniture the Eco Way" or ideas for DIY projects such as "The Eco Deck". Fun and beneficial.

The healing power of bees
by vszeto almost 4 years ago
The key to your greener home away from home
by vszeto almost 4 years ago

Green World 365


A group of friends got together and started Green World 365 in an effort to encourage a greener lifestyle and offer a resource for others. Making a difference is all about baby steps. Learn some baby steps here and you'll soon be on your way to a greener home.

Lunchsense Lunch Boxes for Meals on the Go
by Green World over 2 years ago
Green Interior Design Ideas to Update Your Home Decor
by Green World over 2 years ago



An interior design blog providing information and inspiration, design trade tips and tricks and some common sense anecdotes from a seasoned designer.



Homerandruth.com is a blog about design, decode and lifestyle. The purpose of the blog is to inspire and educate others on how to think about design and give them ideas and reaources for designing their own space.

Trend Alert: Black & White stripes
by homerandruth about 4 years ago
Here & Now // 11
by homerandruth about 4 years ago

Garden and Homes


Garden and Homes: Tips and Tools to Improve Garden and Homes

Interior Decoration Review


The Interior decoration is an informative inspirational blog that covers the UK interior design market on creative look at lifestyle, design ideas, latest in decoration for the homeowners. A cool place to share whats exciting and inspiring in the Interior Design world



PassionDecor is primarily focused on helping you decorate tiny spaces, apartments, studios. Almost FREE e-design service. If you're looking for space saving ideas or vibrant colours, mid-century modern style, touches of boho chic, industrial or romantic, PassionDecor is the right place for you

modern home with lilac, pink and green accents
by Milijana Petrovic over 4 years ago
unexpected moment
by Milijana Petrovic over 4 years ago

Portland Oregon Interior Design Blog


There are tricks to every trade and I want to share some of mine with you. I show lots of before and after projects as well as talk about trends in interior design.

Not Written in Stone with Karina Eva! -Etchings for a Great Lifestyle.


Sharing news, tips, ideas, trends and advice from professionals in the interior design and architecture industry to help in the decision making when building or renovating the dream home.

Create your Dream Outdoor Space
by Karina Eva about 4 years ago
High-level strategies available to the business community
by Karina Eva about 4 years ago

How to become a smart and efficient designer - 7 tips to go the easy way


Designers can undoubtedly be lazy. No offense to anyone! Designers do put in their head and timeless efforts in creating the best quality, but that is also true that we all are always on the lookout to save our time and effort during the workflow. When a certain project is possible to complete in 10 hours, why waste a week on it? Isn’t it so? So, for fun, let’s just become lazy and enjoy the following tips which can really save the day.