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A personal blog with reference to course materials, education, innovation, and technology in education. Mark Nelson is an educated Digital Content Strategist and an employee of the National Association of College Stores

Expectations of Online Leaners
by Dan Angelo about 2 years ago
Gen Z Has a Different Point of View
by Dan Angelo about 2 years ago

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The world of Open Textbooks is growing. Learn more about how this site and others are working to make learning more affordable for students.

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This site is an advocate for making textbooks more affordable. Enjoy resources for the free and cheap, along with discussion and book reviews.

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The Blog for Inkling, a fresh new idea for textbooks. This iPad app is smart, eco friendly, interactive, and easy to use. Stay up to date on the latest developments, search for a book title, or suggest one.

The Secret to Training ‘Google First, Ask Questions Later’ Employees
by Rebecca Reagan-Thieme over 3 years ago
The Nontechnical User’s Guide to Taking Content Mobile: Distribute
by Veronica Thompson over 3 years ago

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No matter what stage of the education process you're at, succeed and discover the resources and information you need to do so with the help of this site. Find relative textbook info, and appreciate more lighthearted posts tailored for students.

Free Tuition for Starbucks Employees Through New Program
by Elizabeth Simmons almost 4 years ago
What Are We Going to Do About Student Debt?
by Elizabeth Simmons almost 4 years ago



A great resource for textbook price comparison. Enter your textbook title to find the best renting or selling prices on the web.

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Save your hard earned money for more important things when you save on textbooks. This site compares book prices and helps you buy or sell at the best price.

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This is a cool idea and a great way to contribute back to the world. Discover the new way to save money on college textbooks.



Studying consumer science or programming? If so, check out this site which offers tons of free resources to aid you on your journey.

Essentials of Geographic Information Systems
about 4 years ago
Python Scientific Lecture Notes
about 4 years ago