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Trek Today - the world of all things Trek, from ToS to next-gen and beyond, Trek Today has a little bit of everything updated on a regular basis. Get ready to go to space-geek warp, people.

Q Meets NuTrek Crew
by T'Bonz over 3 years ago
Pine In Talks For Drama
by T'Bonz over 3 years ago

Trek Movie


JJ Abram's first movie may have come out almost two years ago, but information about the sequal and everything else Star Trek is covered on this often-updated blog.

Orci and Kurtzman to end film partnership; Orci lobbying to direct Trek 3
by Brian Drew over 3 years ago
These Are The Voyages Season 2 released
by Brian Drew over 3 years ago

Trek Web


Full-on Trek information, 26 hours a day, 8 days a week (or whatever aliens are using these days). The blog has everything a Star Trek fanboy or girl needs to get their daily fix of Trek.

Star Trek


The official site, it contains a host of guest bloggers and other intesting tidbits to keep any Star Trek fan happy.

Shatner's Toupee


Few things are as well-known and tightly controlled as William Statner's toupee, and now fans can learn everything they've never wanted to know about it.

That's All Folks!
by ShatToupBlog almost 2 years ago
The Apprentice?
by ShatToupBlog about 2 years ago