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"Leveraging low-hanging synergies outside the vertical fruit box" for more than a decade now, this Pye in the Face never gets old -- pun totally intended.



Lance is the editor of this blog and his droll nerdy humor cleverly co-exist with the FILMDRUNK site. This pleasurable site is abundant with dry wit, clever cynicism and brave bravado. This site will never bore to tears those who stop by to visit.

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South Park Studios


The huge cult animated hit series now has a blog that allows fans to directly ask the creators their favorite questions.

Very Funny Ads


This blog is the consummate selection of outrageously funny television commercials -- you're basically written into the contract to laugh a lot here.

Tiffany Victoria Talks About Stuff


Tiffany is an only child who was born in the mid 80s, and has a love for 90s pop culture. She's also a fashionista, shopping addict, jewelry designer, and professional good-looking person.

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T. Victoria Accessories On Amazon Handmade
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