Crime TV


This is the blog to go to when on the search for worthwhile crime television. It features a selection from the small screen's best days, old and new.

Oxygen: Snapped


Snapped is a crime show that focuses on the desperate measures that desperate women will go to. Visit this page to delve deep into the workings of the program.

Magnum P.I. Set Decorator


Magnum P.I., one of the most famous crime shows ever, gets a fresh viewpoint now from its set decorator. Understand how the set helped to heighten the crimes here.

Island Hoppers Lives Again as Paradise Helicopters!
by Magnum Decorator over 4 years ago

Miami Vice Chronicles


Miami Vice will forever remain a hallmark of 80s crime on television. Learn what made the show such a hit here, as well as glean more info on the show's realism.

Investigation Discovery


The Discovery Channel has recently created a sister station devoted exclusive to crime investigative programming. Do some detective work on it all here.

Crime Time Preview


From "Prime Suspect" to "Poirot," Britain has earned perennial acclaim for its televised crime dramas. Check into this site for the latest programming from the Isles.

Thirteen, BBC3, with Jodie Comer
by robinjarossi over 2 years ago
Murder: The Third Voice, BBC2, Morven Christie
by robinjarossi over 2 years ago