From My Heart


I'm Marissa and I'm addicted to tv shows that vary from the bachelor to the Borgias, Vampire Diaries to Game of Thrones. And I throw in a book review once in a while. Passion for American television.

Snap TV-A IPTV provider


Snap TV brings IPTV services through fiber optic technology and faster computer networking to provide HDTV, Digital TV. SnapTv has made it easier for the viewers to watch both live and recorded episodes of their favorite TV shows through IPTV solution.

Popcorn Entertainment


For entertainment, I watch old movies and TV series while sitting on my green recliner and surfing Amazon Movies-On-Demand or Netflix. Afterward, I write reviews. Some shows date back to the days of VHS, so don't try and guess how old I am. It could be said that I am easily entertained. I'll let you be the judge.