The Glee Project


As yet another indication of Glee's tsunami-sized appeal, Oxygen Network is launching a reality show based on the series. Follow this blog to learn much more.

Idol Blog: Glee


Ever wish there was a site that focused just on the tunes that really make Glee stand out? Fulfill your dream by visiting this page, exclusively about the hits.



Those who truly obsess over Glee happenings more than the average Gleek will likely mark this page a fave. Beyonce and cast firings are recent topics.

Glee the Music


Load up on your favorite Glee tunes first on this, the official music page for the show. The Warblers have earned a lot of deserved attention recently.

"I Lived" Performance from Series Finale
by columbianick about 3 years ago
Music from Glee Series Finale Available Now
by columbianick over 3 years ago

Jacob Ben Israel


Know that super annoying kid on Glee who acts like the world's worst nerd? Welcome to his special, no-holds-barred blog page.



This beautifully rendered Glee fan blog invites fans the world over to lend their analyses. You'll also find spoilers, always appropriate timed and tempered.

Two different actors struck by lightning, two different results
over 3 years ago
Story idea/challenge Glee/Flash crossover
over 3 years ago

Glee Club Online


Every day, you can jet here for hot and fresh Glee juice squeezed before your eyes. Many posts have been written on the show's new focus on original material.

Matthew Morrison


Will Schuester has been dreamily realized by the hunky Mr. Morrison. Visit this page to learn more on everyone's favorite high school fantasy teacher.

Deviant Art: Glee


Glee's fan are an unsurprisingly passionate and artistic community. This blog invites the most creative of them to show off their Glee-love chops.

Glee starts Again!! Season 5.
over 4 years ago

Gossip Teen: Glee


Though viewers in their forties and higher have been heard of, most people who love Glee aren't older than 20. Teen Glee lovers have the perfect fan site for them here.

the glee gossip


This blog page is as quirky as the teenager who comes up with those deliciously idiot-savant quips. Read frequently for alternative takes on Glee rumors.

Beauty and the Dirt: Glee


Looking for a Glee blog to satisfying your love of gossip and glamor? This loving fashion and gossip page has got you covered.

Television Without Pity


Read some of the best and most thorough recaps of television shows on the web. This blog also has active television forums, latest news, polls, and more.

Chapter 25
about 4 years ago
The Deal
about 4 years ago

Tiffany Victoria Talks About Stuff


Tiffany is an only child who was born in the mid 80s, and has a love for 90s pop culture. She's also a fashionista, shopping addict, jewelry designer, and professional good-looking person.

Things I Noticed While Watching The Democratic Debate
by Tiffany Bobb over 2 years ago
T. Victoria Accessories On Amazon Handmade
by Tiffany Bobb over 2 years ago

TiVo Blog


The TiVo blog is designed to TiVo and television fans an inside look to the inner workings of TiVo. You will hear from real TiVo employees talking about TiVo, shows, TV trends, audience research data and current events.

And the nominees are: Watch this year’s Oscar nominees tonight!
by Angel Badagliacco over 3 years ago
TiVo: “I’d Like to Thank The Academy…”
by Angel Badagliacco over 3 years ago

Retro Pilipinas


Retro Pilipinas is a blog that aims to archive retro shows, iconic figures, pop culture, and many retro stuff that once dominated the Philippines. If you are feeling nostalgic, let Retro Pilipinas be your fix.

Super Boink | Tonde Burin | IBC-13 90's English-Dubbed Anime
by noreply@blogger.com (Chris A.) over 2 years ago
Superbook in the Philippines | 90's English-Dubbed Children's Show
by noreply@blogger.com (Chris A.) over 2 years ago



Originally a blog dedicated to recapping the U.K. television show, Skins, RophyDoes now covers Glee. Amusing and witty, these recaps are well-written and really add a lot to the show. Definitely worth a read!

It’s just been raining on my face.
by Sophy about 4 years ago
Agents of Shield recap! WE HEAR YOU!
by Rin about 4 years ago